Author: Juliana Subhan

Navy Captain Arrested For Espionage Concerning NATO And Italy

Walter Biot, an Italian Navy Captain, was arrested on Tuesday, March 30th, upon divulging 181 classified documents on a flash drive concerning Italy and NATO’s security and ongoings with a Russian embassy diplomat. The 56-year-old has worked in the Defence Ministry’s Press Office and is currently a Frigate Captain and

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Rapper’s Arrest Fuels A Fiery Freedom Fight In Spain

A 33-year-old Rapper- Pablo Hasél’s arrest on Tuesday, 16th February, over some controversial lyrics and tweets has fuelled a fiery fight for Spain’s freedom. He has been imprisoned for comparing Judges to Nazis, criticising Police for brutality, asserting support for ETA (a Basque separatist group), and jabs at King Juan

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