Author: Jake Grinyer

Exhausted Hopes For Peace As Explosion In Bogotá Marks Deadliest In Years

  Shocked members of the Colombian population witnessed a devastating explosion in Bogotá on January 18th which saw over 20 people killed. Describing the explosion as a “crazy terrorist act”, President Duque held the National Liberation Army (ELN) responsible for the attacks. In response to this, Duque issued arrest warrants

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Martial Law Extended For The Third Time In Mindanao

The Filipino people are all-too-familiar with ‘temporary’ human rights violations, not the least due to the repetitive imposition of martial law throughout the country’s history. From the 14-year period of martial law in 1972-1986, it comes as no surprise that President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent request for an extension of martial

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Trump Discredits Climate Report Released By Administration

Whilst many Americans took the opportunity to buy discounted goods on the annual Black Friday event, the President of the United States (US) seemingly missed out on the deal of the century – a chance to save the planet. ‘Quietly’ published on a busy Black Friday, Trump’s own administration produced

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