Jonno McPike

About Jonno McPike

Student at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Focusing on education policy and its role within foreign aid.

“The Goalposts Are Moving”: Recognizing Education’s Importance Today 1

Tackling inequality within education and achieving universal primary education for both boys and girls is pushed heavily by all levels of society, yet never seems to be put into action nor come to full realization. The richest, most urbanised strata of the population continue to reap its benefits. It’s undisputed […]

Climate Shocks Worsening Somalia’s Development

The recent floods in Somalia have disrupted law and order and displaced over 370,000 people, with the UN estimating just under half a million people to have been affected. Farming communities have been wiped off the map and many remain without food, water or shelter. The crisis contrasts sharply with […]

South Africa’s Violence Deeply Rooted From Its Apartheid Era

Despite South Africa’s Apartheid ending over 20 years ago, criminality has embedded itself in the fabric of its society. Discrimination, murder, and rape are common; its President Cyril Ramaphosa said the country is one of “the most unsafe places in the world to be a woman.” The country is struggling […]

Mozambique’s Humanitarian Aid Criticized by Pope Francis

On a recent trip to Mozambique, Pope Francis pointed out the rampant corruption plaguing the country, which is considered the worst in the region; he criticized its government and how foreign aid has kept them in power. He called it “paradoxical,” as Mozambique is rich in arable land and minerals, […]

Peace Through Education – How Education Revolutionizes Peace Efforts

The twentieth century witnessed some of humanity’s most horrific forms of violence, in response to the increasing severity of modern weaponry. Education quickly became a non-violent alternative for promoting long-lasting peace. The father of modern education, 17th-century philosopher Jan Amos Comenius argued that the road to peace was through shared […]

Foreign Aid In Education: More Challenging Than Expected

Foreign aid in education is gaining increased attention over the past decades although, despite the increasing influence of donor’s aid, the real issues within many classrooms are overlooked by policymakers. Education remains a critical tool for combating poverty. A literate population is crucial for economic success, with Kofi Annan, seventh […]

UN Security Council Concerned With Links Between Terrorism And Organised Crime

Last week’s open debate at the UN Security Council explored the increasing interconnectedness between small-time criminals and terrorist groups, the criminal-turned-terrorist phenomenon is increasing in frequency due to the groups overlapping characteristics; International Consultant, Tamara Makarenko highlighted the strong links between organized crime and terrorism, both occupying similar spaces, using […]

Libya’s Detention Centres: An Issue Aggravated By War, Deepened By Foreign Policy

Amidst ongoing violence throughout Libya, refugees and migrants held within detention centres are treated like animals. The atrocities at Zintan’s detention centre recently gained international attention, with bodies revealed to be left to rot inside. A spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said to Al Jazeera: […]

After Four Years of Isolation, Humanitarians Finally Reach Inaccessible Districts In Yemen

Yemen in the midst of a massive humanitarian crisis has finally gained access to the rebel-held Nihm district and after fours years of violence they found civilians caught within the zone surviving on the few resources remaining. The area is plagued by hunger, war and disease, the zone being described […]

Afghanistan’s Silent Killer: Child Malnutrition

A recent UNICEF report has highlighted the damaging effects of malnutrition on children. Ongoing violence, a brutal drought and rampant poverty have left two million children suffering from malnutrition, 600,000 of which likely face death without external support. “We are the sole provider of treatment for severe acute malnutrition,” said […]