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I am a 20 year old university student currently in my third year studying Accountancy and Finance with the plans of doing my masters in international relations

Taliban And U.S. Make An Agreement After Decades Of War

After over a year in the making, there is now an agreement to begin the end of the United States’ longest war in history, but there is still a very long way to go. Recently, the U.S. signed a deal with the Afghanistan Taliban in Doha, Qatar that will be […]

What We Currently Know About Iran Moving Missiles Secretly Into Iraq

U.S. intelligent services have recently reported that they have been tracking the movement of Iranian missiles being moved into Iraqi locations over the last year. They are  believed to be taking advantage of the protests and political unrest in Iraq to do so. In Iraq people are currently protesting against […]

Asking The Big Question: Are Our Countries Really Doing Enough To Stop/Slow Down Climate Change?

For years, climate change was an issue that the majority of politicians around the world did not even acknowledge. It was put on the back burner because of other issues and crises that needed immediate attention. Now, it is a headlining article around the globe as world leaders now scramble […]

World Children’s Day 2019 And Young Activists Being Heard

Since being first established in 1954 on 20th November, World Children’s Day has been a way to endorse “international togetherness, awareness among children, and improving children’s welfare.” It is a time to celebrate the achievements and also demand action. Children are our next generation of leaders, ambassadors, entrepreneurs and game changes. […]