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Isaac is currently pursuing a Master of Laws at the Australian National University.

Hungary’s Incumbent PM Viktor Orbán Retains Power In Parliamentary Election

While the final results of Hungary’s national election last Sunday are not expected to return until April 27th, preliminary vote counts indicate that Hungary’s incumbent Prime Minister, Victor Orbán, will retain the prime ministership. This will be Orbán’s third term and the party to which he belongs, Fidesz, will regain […]

Colombia’s FARC Rebels Suspend Presidential Election Campaigning

The political manifestation of Colombia’s former militant group, the FARC, has suspended its electoral campaign for Colombia’s 2018 presidential election. Leaders of the party have attributed the decision to the many incidents of verbal aggression their candidates have experienced on the campaign trail and the recent violent deaths of multiple […]

U.S. To Call For Emergency Session Of Security Council To Discuss Iran

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has stated that the U.S. will call for emergency sessions of both the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council to discuss the increasingly volatile situation in Iran. Disgruntled Iranians have been protesting against the entire political establishment for over a […]

ICC Orders Congolese Warlord To Compensate Child Soldiers

A decision of the International Criminal Court late last week has ordered Congolese warlord, Thomas Lubanga, to pay $10 million dollars in compensation to child soldiers recruited by the warlord’s savage military campaign of 2002-03. The payment is to be made collectively; it will fund support programs for the 427 […]