Author: Isabella Barrengos

Peaceful Protest Met With Violence in Turkey: Authorities Break Up Sit-In Protesting the Hundreds of Disappearances During Political Unrest

Turkish police violently broke up a peaceful protest in Istanbul last Saturday, using tear gas on a crowd of participants in a regular vigil for those who disappeared at the hands of the government during political unrest in the 80’s and 90’s. The Saturday Mothers, as they are called, have

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South Sudan Signs Another Peace Deal – But Will It Hold?

Long-anticipated peace in South Sudan was reached on Sunday when the president and the rebel leader signed a cease-fire and peace agreement though many are nervously waiting to see if it holds. President Salva Kiir and the leader of the warring party, Riek Machar, agreed on a deal that would

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Unfair Election In Zimbabwe Leads To Riots

Zimbabweans were hopeful for change on Monday when they lined up to participate in the first presidential election since former President Robert Mugabe was ousted in November of 2017. Mugabe’s former right hand man and acting president, Emmerson Mnangagwa represented the governing Zanu-PF party and ran up against opposition leader

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Terrorists Versus Symbols Of Freedom: Israel Freezes Fund For Families Of Palestinian Martyrs And Prisoners

This Monday, the Israeli Parliament passed a bill that freezes funds allocated to Palestinian attackers’ families. According to the Washington Post, the Martyrs’ Fund, as it is called, sent a monthly stipend to families who had lost a relative to violent demonstrations against Israel such as riots or suicide bombings,

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