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BA PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) graduate from the University of Manchester, originally from Turkey and currently living in the US. Areas of interest include the intersection between politics and media, policy-making, and culture.

Qatar Mandates Citizens To Install Intrusive Coronavirus Tracking App Amidst Rising Privacy And Surveillance Concerns

Following in the footsteps of China, Israel, Armenia, and Russia; Qatar has now resorted to a coronavirus tracking app to contain the virus though it is at the cost of its residents’ privacy rights. “All citizens and residents are obliged to install the Ehteraz app on smartphones when leaving the […]

The Intensifying Criticality Of Press Freedom

The short-term emergency measures governments have been taking since the COVID-19 outbreak will not only shape our current and near future, but define and shape the politics, economics, culture, and policies of the years to come, historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari argued in an article he wrote for Financial […]

Essential Workers Unite In May Day Protests Demanding Coronavirus Protection

Front line workers in the United States deemed essential for their jobs in grocery stores, retailing, warehouses and manufacturing have been striking, organizing protests, calling out sick, and walking off the job in response to unsafe working conditions and inadequate protections since the Coronavirus breakout. These series of protests culminated […]

Australia Calls On G20 Nations To Launch An Inspection On Wet Wildlife Markets Following COVID-19 Outbreak

The term “wet markets” has been brought into public interest since a wet wildlife market in Wuhan, China was identified as the potential source of the COVID-19 outbreak in early December. The UN Biodiversity Chief, many U.S. Officials, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases called for their […]