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About Isaac Heaphy

Isaac Heaphy graduated from Massey University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in History, minored with Geography. Aside from that, his interests also include matters related to politics and economics.

United States Policies Of Economic ‘Warfare’ Will Likely To Lead To True Warfare

One year after taking office, President Trump declared on Twitter that “trade wars are good, and easy to win” in response to putting tariffs on steel and aluminium.  Trump, who arguably became president in appealing to the downsides of unscrutinised free trade, has since been focused on renegotiating the balance […]

Possible Ceasefire Efforts Hinted After ‘Unverified’ Houthi Attack In Saudi Arabia

In a move that admits the futility of the fighting in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is reportedly considering a new ceasefire with the Houthi movement. This comes after an ‘unverified’ video showed a major success for the Houthis in the aftermath of a battle on the border between the nations. According […]

Congress Begins Impeachment Inquiry While Sleeping On Middle East Foreign Policy

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on 24 September 2019 that after a ‘whistle-blower’ drew attention to President Trump’s politically motivated decision to withhold aid to Ukraine, the Democrat-controlled House will open an impeachment inquiry. This comes after an eventful week for Trump as he approved military aid to Saudi Arabia, following attacks […]

President Trump Appoints Replacement For Former National Security Advisor John Bolton

President Trump announced on September 18th that he would replace his former National Security Advisor John Bolton with Robert O’Brien, now his former Envoy for Hostage Affairs. Although the circumstances of Bolton’s departure are somewhat unclear, this came after apparent disagreements over the advice he gave Trump on several issues […]