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About Isaac Heaphy

Isaac Heaphy graduated from Massey University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in History, minored with Geography. Aside from that, his interests also include matters related to politics and economics.

Not Me, Us – Bernie Sanders’ Vision And Case For A Better America

The United States of America is in an important election year that will likely determine its course for another decade. The incumbent president, Donald Trump, is seeking another term and, despite all odds, has a good chance of being re-elected. No other president has been so crude or disinterested in […]

Do Not Deport Your Problems – Australia And New Zealand’s Deportation Troubles

In recent bilateral talks between the Australian and New Zealand governments, Prime Minister Ardern voiced her frustrations with Australia’s treatment of New Zealand migrants. While highlighting the reality that New Zealand migrants are unable to fully contribute to Australian society, she said to Prime Minister Morrison at a press conference […]

Acquitted, But Tarnished: Trump’s Impeachment Foreshadows A Dire Political Year For America

On February 5, 2020, the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump came to an expected end in acquittal.  While Senator Mitt Romney shocked the Republican Party by voting for removal based on abuse of power, this outcome projects a bitter year for the American political scene in another election cycle. […]

New Decade, New Iraq War? Tensions High As U.S. Responds To Iran’s ‘Influence’ 2

Tension in the Middle East may again be reaching critical mass as recent events in Iraq have created a difficult situation for the region.  While originally the United States targeted the Kataib Hezbollah militia, supported by Iran, in response to a deadly attack on one of its military contractors blamed […]

Unconstitutional Patriot Act Spying Resolution Renewed In Sneaky Funding Bill

In an attempt to forestall another United States government funding shutdown, Congress passed a bill, signed by the President on November 21, to fund the government for another month.  Written within the bill, which garnered bipartisan support, was yet another extension for a Patriot Act spying resolution which will now […]

As Protests Sweep The Globe, The Yellow Vest Movement Turns One Year Old

Today, 17 November, marks the one-year anniversary of the French Yellow Vests movement. To celebrate the occasion, another weekend of protests dubbed ‘Act 53’ has commenced with media reporting that the Place d’Italie, a public square in Paris, has been transformed into a skirmish ground. Elsewhere in Paris, protestors defied […]

Despite A Withdrawal Announcement, The United States Remains In Syria To Secure The Oil

President Donald Trump proclaimed on 28 October, during a press conference announcing the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi, that the United States military would be holding onto Syrian oilfields until further notice.  While this development is not surprising, given his lambasting of President Bush for not taking Iraq’s oil after […]