Isabel Cuddyer

About Isabel Cuddyer

Isabel Cuddyer is an aspiring journlist and human rights advocate with a research background in comparative law and democratic backsliding. She received her Bachelors of Arts from the University California Berkeley in Political Science and Legal Studies in 2019 and conducted cultural rights research at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law as part of the International Alliance of Research Universities Global Summer Program in 2018.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Under Fire in Yemen

Earlier this month, The Southern Transitional Council (STC) captured the remote Island of Socotra, 350 miles east of Somalia. The ancient island is the largest of four islands in the archipelago corridor of Yemen, famed for  unparalleled biodiversity and mystical landscape. Socotra is referenced in several historical texts – including […]

European Backed Migration Reform In Libya Denies Human Rights And Perpetuates Human Trafficking 

Earlier this month, a warehouse full of imprisoned migrants in Libya came under fire, killing 30 and injuring ten. The killers were allegedly seeking revenge over an altercation that occurred a few weeks earlier in which a migrant supposedly killed a smuggler. The warehouse was in the city of Mizada […]

Ivorian, Burkina Troops Kill Eight Jihadists Near Border

Sunday, May 24, eight suspected jihadists were killed and another 38 captured in the first joint military operation between Burkinabe and Ivorian forces near the border of Burkina Faso and The Ivory Coast. Defense One reported Monday that the captured men — 24 in Burkina Faso and 14 in Ivory […]

U.S. Increases Firepower And Military Exercises Over South China Sea

On Thursday May 7th, two B-1B supersonic heavy bombers were reported cruising the skies to the northeast of Taiwan. According to Aircraft Spots, this was the fourth U.S.-led bomber mission in the Indo-Pacific region since the United States Airforce brought B-1 bombers back into rotation at Andersen Airforce base in […]

The First Wave Of COVID-19 Clusters Hits Yemen Days After Southern Transitional Council Declares Self-Rule In Southern Region

On April 25th, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) seized government buildings and the central bank in the southern port city of Aden. The separatist militant organization waved the flags of the former Southern Yemen and declared self-rule in the country’s southern districts. The move threatens to add a new dimension […]

ISIL Militant Activity Intensifies In Afghanistan As The U.S. Begins To Implement Exit Strategy

The Afghan affiliate of ISIL, known as the Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) fired five rockets at the Bagram airfield in Afghanistan early on April 9. No casualties or injuries occurred according to Resolute Support – the NATO-led mission stationed at the U.S. base. The attack comes several weeks after the […]