Harry Yeung

Hong Kong Security Chief Says Security Law Needed “To Tackle Terrorism”

On May 25th, Hong Kong Security Chief John Lee said that China’s proposed security law is necessary “to tackle terrorism” brought about by protesters. According to the Guardian, the law would ban any activities that undermine Chinese national security, including separatism, subversion, sedition, and terrorism. It comes in response to […]

Brazil Launches Military Operations To Combat Deforestation In The Amazon

On May 11th, Brazil’s government deployed thousands of soldiers to combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. The troops are working with the police, environmental officials, and other government agencies to prevent wildfires and illegal destructive activities (such as logging). According to a Reuters article dated May 11th, the operation costs […]

Iran Threatens “Crushing Response” If Arms Embargo Extended

On May 6, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani promised a “crushing response” and “serious consequences” if the United States extends the arms embargo on Iranian trade of conventional arms. The statement comes after the United States drafted a United Nations resolution to indefinitely extend the embargo, which was set to be […]