Henry Whitelaw

About Henry Whitelaw

Henry is a Third Year History student from the University of Edinburgh, currently studying on a year abroad at the University of Sydney.

Report: Zanzibar 2020 1

At present, the 2020 election in Zanzibar appears to be heading down a similar path to previous elections in the semi-autonomous state; that is, a fierce contest marred by violence. Preventing this cycle of violence coinciding with an impending election is key to ensuring not only the safety and security […]

Children of IS Fighters Held in “Secret Detention Facilities”

Information acquired by the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) suggests that children whose fathers fought for the Islamic State militant group, are likely being held in “secret detention facilities”and unidentified “settlements” away from their mothers. The intelligence, (the sources of which the UN has not disclosed) suggests that authorities in […]

Navigating Nauru: Authoritarianism Under The Waqa Government 1

After fighting Nauru’s Waqa government for the past 5 years, ex-president Sprent Dabwido has passed away, leaving the remaining members of the Nauru 19 leaderless as they await their appeal decision. Dabwido served as President of Nauru between 2011-2013 and signed the controversial deal with then Australian Prime Minister Julia […]