Hope Oxley Green

About Hope Oxley Green

I am currently reading history at the University of Oxford. I focus on humanitarian and global crises, aiming to promote values of peaceful conflict resolution and human rights.

Russia Sending Military Equipment To Haftar’s Forces, US Military Claims

The United States military claims Russia is continuing to send military equipment to Haftar supporters in Libya, despite recent efforts by Turkish and Russian delegations to maintain a ceasefire in the region. On Friday 24th July, AFRICOM (The US military’s Africa Command) announced there was increasing evidence from satellite photos […]

The Easing Of Anti-Islamist Laws In Sudan: The Start Of Something New?

Large groups of pro-Sharia supporters have taken to Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, to protest recent governmental reforms they deem as “anti-Islamist.” Such reforms include allowing non-Muslims, who make up an estimated 3% in Sudan, to consume alcohol, scrapping the apostasy law and public flogging. The reforms come after the religiously conservative […]

Chinese National Security Law In Hong Kong Sparks Global Outrage

China seeks to reassert its authority over Hong Kong by pushing through a national security law that critics claim will end the territory’s autonomy. The first draft of the law outlines that secession, subversion, terrorism, and activities by foreign forces that interfere in Hong Kong, would be criminalised. In addition, […]

Flouting The Constitution? Brazilian President Joins Anti-Lockdown Protests

COVID-19 is threatening to further destabilize democracy in Brazil, with mounting fears over President Bolsonaro’s response to the pandemic adding fuel to the fire of popular unrest. On Sunday April 19th, Bolsonaro took to the streets and joined with protesters demanding a return to the type of military rule that external […]