Holly Kuhn

Norway Mosque Shooting Suspect Appears In Court

The suspect of a mosque shooting in Norway appeared in court on Monday, and was ordered by the court to be held in jail for four weeks while police continue to investigate. Although not confirmed by officials, Norwegian media has reported that the suspect of the attack is 21-year-old Philip […]

India Abolishes Article 370; Kashmir’s Special Status Revoked

On Tuesday, India’s parliament passed a bill revoking Article 370 of their constitution after President Ram Nath Kovind signed a decree. The bill, expected to officially go into effect in the near future, will restrict the autonomy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and separate the region into two […]

China Condemns Violence After Hong Kong Protests Continue

Last weekend, protests in Hong Kong over a proposed law to extradite criminals to China sparked significant response from multiple Chinese officials. The protests have grown increasingly violent, and police officials are resorting to tactics such as tear gas and rubber bullets to subdue protestors. However, protestors continue to criticize […]

Iran Announces Arrest Of 17 C.I.A. Spies

On Monday, Iran announced that it had arrested 17 Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) spies working for the United States and sentenced some of them to death. However, United States president Donald Trump has denied this claim, stating that the allegations are “totally false.” Given the tension between the two nations […]

Turkey Announces Beginning Of Joint Weapons Production With Russia

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, revealed plans to deploy a Russian missile defence system by April 2020. In a speech given at an event on 15 July in Ankara, Erdoğan stated that Turkey will jointly produce S-400s with Russia. The announcement has caused tension between Turkey and the U.S., as […]

Kyriakos Mitsotakis Sworn In As Greece’s New Prime Minister

Kyriakos Mitsotakis was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Greece on Monday, following Sunday’s election. Mitsotakis’ party, New Democracy, received 39.8% of the nationwide vote and will hold 158 seats in the country’s parliament. The runner-up party, Syriza, received 31% of the vote and is led by previous […]

Haftar’s Forces Release Six Turkish Detainees In Libya

Six Turkish men detained by rogue Libyan General, Khalifa Haftar, have been released, according to an announcement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Monday. The men were working on a Libyan ship when they were detained by Haftar and his forces. Al Jazeera reported that they were released at the […]

Former First Lady Sandra Torres Leads After First Round Of Guatemala’s Presidential Election

The first round of Guatemala’s presidential election took place on Monday, resulting in Union Nacional de la Esperanza (National Unity of Hope) party candidate Sandra Torres leading Vamos party candidate Alejandro Giammattei by 12% of the vote. The final runoff election will take place on 11 August, with significant implications […]

Gunmen Attack Villages In Sokoto

Several gunmen attacked multiple villages in the norther Nigerian state of Sokoto on Saturday night, leaving at least 43 people dead after the overnight raids. The bandits also raided the villages and stole livestock, devastating local communities. These attacks have recently become much more frequent in many northern Nigerian states, […]

Series Of Blasts Kills Four In Kathmandu

A series of three explosions occurred in Kathmandu on May 26, killing four people and injuring seven others. The blasts in Nepal’s capital mark an end to over a decade of peace since the conclusion of Nepal’s civil war in 2006. There is concern that Sunday’s explosions could signify the […]