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Holly is a student at UNSW Sydney, currently studying a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising). She is a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd and avid Netflix watcher.

The Question Of Chinese Involvement In Other Countries

China has been accused of contributing loans and aid for more influence in the Pacific Islands. On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, argued against the criticism saying, “In providing assistance, China fully respects the will of governments and people of the countries in question…We never interfere in other countries’ […]

Seven Russian GRU Officers Indicted By US Justice Department

Following the seemingly state-sanctioned chemical poisoning of the Skripals, alongside the hacking and manipulation of the 2016 US elections, Russia has yet again come under fire: on October 4, Western allies accused Russian intelligence officers of cyberattacks against various organisations around the world. These cyberattacks were targeted at organisations which challenged […]

Ecuador Declares State Of Emergency As Venezuelan Migrants Flood Border

Ecuador has declared a state of emergency in three provinces on Wednesday. This comes as a result of the rapidly increasing number of Venezuelan migrants crossing through neighboring Colombia, who are fleeing from Venezuela’s economic crisis. A state of emergency has been declared “in the provinces of Carchi, Pichincha and […]