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Holly is a student at UNSW Sydney, currently studying a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising). She is a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd and avid Netflix watcher.

Questions Still Remain: Jamal Khashoggi’s Death

The murder of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, remains a mystery. While reports from the CIA suggest that Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, ordered the killing, and the question of Saudi Arabia abusing human rights of those who speak against it has been raised, U.S. has […]

Duterte’s ‘War On Drugs’: A War On Lives?

As of January 2018, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s “Drug War” has killed over 12,000 people according to the Human Rights Watch. Lawyer Benjamin Ramos was killed on Tuesday, November 6, the 34th lawyer killed under the Duterte administration, which began almost two and a half years ago. It is thought […]

The Question Of Chinese Involvement In Other Countries

China has been accused of contributing loans and aid for more influence in the Pacific Islands. On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, argued against the criticism saying, “In providing assistance, China fully respects the will of governments and people of the countries in question…We never interfere in other countries’ […]

Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis: Does The Past Affect The Present?

When we look at the crises occurring around the world, we usually look at the immediate causes of that crises. Rarely do we pay attention to historical dynamics that have developed these crises in the first place. In the case of Zimbabwe, it has been suffering from what can be […]

Seven Russian GRU Officers Indicted By US Justice Department

Following the seemingly state-sanctioned chemical poisoning of the Skripals, alongside the hacking and manipulation of the 2016 US elections, Russia has yet again come under fire: on October 4, Western allies accused Russian intelligence officers of cyberattacks against various organisations around the world. These cyberattacks were targeted at organisations which challenged […]

Four Indonesian Baby Traffickers Arrested

Last month, four people have been arrested for allegedly trafficking babies through two social media platforms: WhatsApp and Instagram. The four apprehended included: the man who managed the Instagram account where the babies were promoted – Alton Phinandita Prianto; the 22-year-old mother of the child who was put up for […]

Even More Children At Risk Of Famine In Yemen

A Save the Children press release issued on Tuesday, September 18th has reported that there are an additional one million children at risk of famine in Yemen as a result of the ongoing civil war. According to Save the Children, these additional children bring the total amount at risk of […]

Uighurs: Strangers In Their Own Homes

‘Internment camps’: are they the best way to fight religious extremism, at the risk of limiting personal freedoms afforded under human rights law? According to the Uighur American Association, there are approximately 15 million Uighurs living in Xinjiang, China. In China, the majority population in China are the Han Chinese, […]

‘Wrong Decision’ To Ban 5G From Chinese Companies?

In light of the gradual 5G network rollout in Australia, the federal government has chosen to ban Chinese networks Huawei and ZTE from participating. This is the latest in the ongoing strained relations between Australia and China, with a Chinese nationalistic tabloid labelling the Australian government as “back stabbers” after […]

International Events And The Threat Of Terrorism And Crime

For some people, the threat of terrorism and violent crime is always looming over them with fear running at an all-time high. This fear also transfers over to international events which draw in huge amounts of people in a short amount of time, creating an easy target for an attack. […]