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About Heidi Warde

My name is Heidi and I am originally from Rockport, Massachusetts. I am currently a senior at the University of San Francisco, majoring in politics with a concentration in transformations, and minoring in cultural anthropology, as well as English literature. I am particularly interested in international political violence against women in the context of the gendered dynamics of war, and in writing about these issues!

March Against Gender Violence: Thousands Gather Across France

On Saturday, several women gathered across France to march in protest of the nation’s high levels of female deaths caused specifically by domestic violence. Taking place, fittingly, on the international day for the elimination of violence against women, as declared by the United Nations, the protests advocate for an end […]

The Rise Of European Populism: Is Croatia The Rule Or Rhe Exception?

Perhaps with intention, the social democratic ideals have come to define Europe’s ongoing historical construction project by acting today as points of either—or both—national derision and ideological launch. The conundrum at hand at this particular historical moment, then, concerns epochal politics in Europe. Because one of the main pillars of […]

Pope Unveils Monument Honouring Migrants In St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis and the Vatican presented a new monument facing the Basilica in St. Peter’s Square honoring migrants of the world throughout history. The BBC reports that the piece, entitled “Angels Unaware” was made of bronze by the Canadian artist, Timothy P. Schmalz and meant to depict one hundred forty […]

Indian Citizenship List Excludes Nearly Two Million In Assam State

India published a list on Saturday which in essence disqualifies the citizenship rights and claims of about 1.9 million people living in the state of Assam. Located in the northeast region of the nation, according to BBC News, Assam has long been a hotbed for anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Bangladeshi sentiments. The […]

Israel Approves West Bank Homes For Settlers And Palestinians

Israel agreed to a deal yesterday which appears to approve funding for homes in the West Bank for both Israeli settlers and for Palestinians. While the deal validates six thousand homes for Jewish settlers, its allotment for Palestinian homes comes in at only seven hundred. While the discrepancy in theo-nationally […]

European Heat Wave Sparks Several Deaths, Ideological, And Policy Conversations

As a record-breaking heat wave strikes some regions of Europe, European leaders have renewed ongoing conversations surrounding national adaptations to combat the impacts of climate change on infrastructure and lifestyles, as well as increased safety measures. The south of France is reported to be facing much of the brunt of […]

U.S. Embassy In Honduras Set Ablaze During National Protests

Protestors in Honduras have reportedly set portions of the U.S. Embassy property on fire during recent national demonstrations. The fire was seen only outside of Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, as a result of continuing, and perhaps escalating, demonstrations led primarily by teachers and doctors, according to reports from the Stamford Advocate. […]

More Than 270 Indonesian Election Staff Die From Overwork

According to the Indonesian Election Commission, two hundred seventy election volunteers have died from fatigue and over-work related illnesses just days after national election polls closed. Indonesia held the world’s largest single-day election on April 17, and the deaths were reported to occur as a result of continuous hours of […]

Twelve Soldiers Killed In Attack On Mali Base

An attack on a Mali military base by fighters in an unidentified group killed 12 solders early Sunday morning in a convoy of 11 vehicles. Mali’s armed forces confirmed that the attack occurred at five A.M. in Guire via Twitter, according to Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera additionally reports that Mali’s […]

An Early Lead For The Finnish Social Democrats

According to early polling data, the leftist Finnish Social Democrats are predicted to have a lead in Finland’s general election. A victory for the Social Democrats would be the first in Finland in nearly two decades. The newly instituted two-hundred-seat Finnish Parliament garnered competition for seats on Sunday from the […]