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Majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Italian, hoping to work in editing and Teaching English as a Second Language after graduation in the Fall.

Florida Teachers Lay A Lawsuit On Governor DeSantis

Florida’s largest teaching union, the Florida Education Association, has filed a lawsuit against state governor Ron DeSantis over plans to reopen schools in August. DeSantis, along with Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, gave an emergency order on July 6th, mandating all schools to fully reopen come the new school year. The […]

Lebanese ‘Lollars’ – How American Currency Has Become The Face Of A Country’s Downfall

Lebanon, a country that once boasted its unmatched cuisine and elegance amongst other middle eastern nations, has become a scene of desperation and despair as their economy has entered a seemingly irreparable collapse. With COVID-19 concerns taking a back seat, the nation is seeing their standard of living dropping to […]

Radicals Infiltrating The Riots

As quiet protests over prejudice and police brutality have transformed around the nation into senseless rampages and looting, some officials now believe that the violent crowds are instead being influenced by third-party factions like white supremacists. You may wonder, why would those well known for spewing racial hatred want to […]

A Halt To Admittance: Foreign Nationals Under Restrictions

President Trump has released a new proclamation forbidding foreign nationals to enter the country if they have been in Brazil at any time in the 14 days preceding their entry attempt. As we well know, these restrictions follow previously dictated stay-at-home and face-covering orders throughout the nation, as America continues […]