Harrison Brooks

Will Liberals In The Netherlands Learn From Failings In The US?

Netherland’s extreme right-wing Party- the Netherlands Freedom Party (PVV)- launched its campaign last Saturday, where firebrand leader, Geert Wilder, lambasted Netherland’s Moroccan population, labelling them ‘scum’. “The Moroccan scum in Holland … once again not all are scum … but there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who […]

Alternate Ban

President Donald Trump’s travel ban remains stymied by the American Judicial System, and so his announcement that “a brand new [executive] order” could be issued as early as Monday or Tuesday was unsurprising. “The unfortunate part is it takes time. We’ll win that battle. But we also have a lot […]

Le Penism: Its Consequences

She didn’t reaffirm her desire to restore the death penalty and made no mention of leaving the Euro, but the leader of France’s extreme-right National Front (FN) Party, Marine Le Pen, in her manifesto speech over the weekend remained consistent on the three issues she has championed: An end to […]

The House Of White Lies

For the optimists who considered President Donald Trump’s barrage of lies and falsehoods as stratagem, a façade that would he drop post-election campaign and reveal a truly moral and genuine leader, can now up-end their half full glasses, assured with the knowledge that, after the week that has just gone […]

Four Pakistani Activists Abducted In 2017, Already

We’ve barely crossed the threshold into 2017, and already, Pakistan’s Defense of Human Rights Organization has confirmed the disappearances of four Pakistani activists. Waqas Goraya and Asim Saeed reportedly went ‘missing’ on the 4th, while Salman Haider and Ahmed Raza went missing on the 6th and 7th, respectively (as reported […]

Are Tillerson’s Comments An Omen For The South China Sea Policy?

The Influential Chinese newspaper, Global Times, has lambasted Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, over his criticism of China’s multi-billion dollar island building campaign in the South China Sea. The comments came during his confirmation hearing, where Tillerson likened China’s Artificial Island Development to “Russia’s taking of Crimea.” He went […]

The Democracy We Forgot To Fight For

‘Dictators do not ask why before they take power, they ask why not’ (An excerpt from Winter is Coming, by Gary Kasparov). Vladimir Putin is a quintessential dictator, complete with nauseating levels of narcissism and an abhorrent indifference to violence and bloodshed. Such qualities make him a greater threat to […]

Borders Were Not The Issue: Why German Citizens Should Not Overreact

Anis Amri has been killed in Milan by Italian Police after a shootout during a routine security check. The 24-year old Tunisian was suspected to be one of six assailants involved in the Bretscheidplatz Christmas Market attack that left 12 dead and 49 injured. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for […]

A Desperate Demagogue: How Gambian Democracy Is In The Balance

  Removing President Yahya Jameh, Gambia’s ruler for the last 22 years, from power may require more than a mere electoral defeat as loyal military forces seized control of the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) headquarters, prohibiting all employee entry into the building. In a statement to Al Jazeera, Alieu Momar […]

Hezbollah Backed Michel Aoun Elected As New Lebanese President

  Michel Aoun, the founder and current leader of the Free Patriotic Party was unanimously voted into power by Lebanon’s parliament and is officially president. Mr. Aoun is the first President since 2014, a year in which the previous president, Michel Suleiman resigned. So, the obvious question is, why has […]