Hadia Bakkar

Egypt Is On A Dangerous And Bleak Path

BBC recently reported on August 18th that the Abdel Fattah el-Sisi government, a military-installed leadership, has enforced legislation about “cybercrimes.” The law gives the government the power to block or shut websites they perceive to be a national security. Any website administrators that seem to be suspicious can be prosecuted. […]

Will An “Arab NATO” Solve The Iran Problem?

The United States, led by President Donald Trump, is advocating for the creation of a political and military-based alliance to serve as an “Arab NATO “ and act as a strong military force against Iran. The alliance will include the six Gulf Arab states, Egypt, and Jordan. While the idea […]

What Can A Solution In Hoeidah Mean To The Civil War In Yemen?

Peace talk negotiations between Houthis, a Shia’a militant tribal group in northern Yemen, and the Saudi Arabian led-coalition is taking place concerning the port of Hoeidah and its implication on the Yemeni civil war. According to The Guardian, the United Nations (UN), led by special envoy Martin Griffiths, has suggested […]