Hannah Barter-Konecny

About Hannah Barter-Konecny

I am an International Studies and Media and Communications student at UNSW. Easily infuriated by human rights violations, it gives me a sense of purpose to be able to share my voice, and raise awareness on certain issues with the Organisation for World Peace. As a correspondent it is my duty to collect and analyse data, to provide my personal analysis of the situation and future recommendations.

Child Soldier Recruitment In The Middle East And North Africa Is On The Rise

The use of child soldiers by governments in the Middle East and North Africa has doubled over recent years. South Sudan, in particular, has seen a sharp increase in child soldier recruitment due to the conflict in its capital, Juba. As of this year, 650 children have been recruited against […]

Iran’s Recent Protests Indicate The Necessity Of Both Economic And Political Regime Change

The first month of the new year was one of protests and mass demonstrations for Iran, with oppressed Iranians making economic and political demands concerning their lack of personal freedom, as their country’s economic crisis has reached a breaking point. The crisis is ultimately due to the fact that the […]

Conflict Escalating In Yemen As Allies Turned Foes, The Houthi’s and Saleh’s Forces, Engage In Battle.

The unraveling alliance between the Houthi’s along with loyal forces to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh has resulted in a conflict taking over Yemen’s capital of Sanaa. The violence has escalated to such a point that Houthi rebels have reported having killed their ally turned foe, Mr Saleh himself. The […]

Unexpected Allies Russia, Turkey, And Iran United Under Common Goal: Reduce Violence In Syria

Russia, Turkey, and Iran’s leaders are preparing to partake in a summit this week to discuss matters regarding the reduction of violence in Syria. The leaders will aim to come up with methods to deliver humanitarian aid to the war-torn region as well as tactics to promote a political transition […]

Israeli’s Strike on Palestinian Tunnel Raises Tensions To Dangerous Heights

On the 30th of October, the Israeli army destroyed a tunnel dug by a Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization, the Islamic Jihad,  from extended from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.  7 militants were killed in the demolition, 4 of which were Islamic Jihad members. The demolition was asserted by the […]

Israel-Africa Summit Cancelled As A Result Of Rising Political Unrest

The Israel-Africa Summit, scheduled to be held this October in Togo, has been postponed due to rising unrest in the country. President Gnassingbé Eyadéma’s recent regimes have been received with overwhelming dissatisfaction by the public, with mass protests resulting in Togo being an unstable city to host the Summit. In addition, […]

Maltese Government Denies ‘Defend Europe’ Boat From Entering Its Shores

A C-star vessel operated by far-right activists, under the name of Defend Europe, was denied port access by the Maltese government. Defend Europe is an organization comprised of members of the Identitarian Movement, a Europe-wide association of activists who stand for the preservation of national identity and strongly oppose refugees from seeking asylum […]