Haylee Isaacs

Yemen Named IRC’s Nation At Greatest Risk Of Humanitarian Crisis In 2019. What Is Happening In Yemen?

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) released their 2019 report of nations they believe most likely to experience this year’s worst humanitarian crises. Yemen topped the list, citing the internationally recognized government’s fight against the Houthi movement as triggering the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The IRC estimates that 24 million Yemenis […]

Journalist Imprisoned As Bangladesh’s Restriction Of The Press Continues

A Bangladeshi journalist has been arrested this week after reporting on voting irregularities in recent elections, another victim of Bangladesh’s war against the press. Journalist Hedayet Hossain Mollah was arrested this week under the nation’s new Digital Security Act, which rights groups believe further suppresses press freedoms rather than repeals existing […]

Italy’s Salvini Decree Is Forcing Thousands Into Homelessness And Insecurity

Italy’s populist, centre-right government has begun the implementation of its newest piece of legislation, the Salvini Decree, and its effect on the lives of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers is becoming clear. The Decree was passed into law in late November, reinforcing the anti-migrant rhetoric of Italy’s new government coalition. […]

Al-Shabaab Bombing In Somalia Shows Increased United States Military Action Not The Solution

A car bombing in Somalia on Saturday has resulted in at least 16 deaths and more than 20 injuries, The Guardian reports. The bombing occurred outside the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu, and resulted in the deaths of three members of the Universal TV channel and a prominent journalist. The deputy […]

The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 And Its Focus On Sexual Violence And Women’s Rights

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded nearly 100 times since its creation in 1901; to 89 men, 17 women and 24 organisations. The Norwegian Nobel Committee is tasked with celebrating peaceful means; choosing from hundreds of nominations ranging from disarmament, democracy, human rights, climate change, and threats to the environment. This […]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Delivers More Violent Threats Against Catholic Priests 1

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said that Catholic Church leaders “should be killed” in a speech this week, adding to his history of violent rhetoric. The president spoke in frustration at persistent opposition from the Catholic Church on Duterte’s ‘War On Drugs.’ The Church has asked him to tone down his […]

Visa-Free Border Crossing A Beacon Of Hope For Peace In India And Pakistan

India has given Pakistan the green light to begin construction of the new Kartarpur corridor this week; an incredible step forward for two nations with considerable historic tensions. The corridor will provide vital access between significant Sikh areas which were split between India and Pakistan in 1947. Leaders hope for […]

Aung San Suu Kyi Stripped Of Another Honour: The International Community Must Focus On Solutions Not Punishments

Amnesty International has withdrawn their ‘Ambassador of Conscience’ honour from Aung San Suu Kyi, expressing that they “could no longer justify her status as an Ambassador of Conscience” when she “no longer represents a symbol of hope, courage and the undying defence of human rights.” The withdrawal follows a number […]

United States Sanctions Against Iran Revive Historic Tensions

Citizens of Iran have gathered in Tehran this week, commemorating the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. November 4th is an annual celebration in Iran; a demonstration symbolising unity and coherence, independence, the Islamic Republic and the ‘struggle against arrogance,’ Iran Press reports. But this year the day coincides with fresh […]

The Central American Caravan Shows Failures In Solutions To Refugee Crisis

The Central American Caravan passing through Guatemala and Mexico has exposed an increasing global problem: how the international community is reacting to increasing numbers of displaced persons. Similar situations have occurred globally, from Syria and Myanmar to Australia. There is a real problem when nations take a path of prevention […]

Immigrants And Asylum Seekers Detained Indeterminately In The United Kingdom Despite Being Ruled Unlawful

The United Kingdom is currently under scrutiny for continuing indeterminate detention sentences for migrants and asylum seekers despite violations to human rights. A recent survey conducted by The Guardian has shown that 84% of migrant detainees in the U.K. have no idea when they will be released, with many of them being […]