Grace Bridgewater

About Grace Bridgewater

Grace Bridgewater is studying her masters in Global Environment, Politics & Society at the University of Edinburgh, and studied Politics and International Relations at the University of Manchester for her undergraduate degree. Her expertise is political economy, environmental politics, and the critique of global capitalism.

The Windrush Report: Government Repeatedly Ignores Issue Of Race

A report published by the Home Office entitled “Windrush Lessons Learned Review” has been released. It contains the findings of an independent inquiry conducted by inspector Wendy Williams into the 2018 Windrush Scandal. The report found that the government failed to give the Windrush Generation the appropriate documents to prove […]

Systematic Sexism At Work In New U.K. Immigration Policy

The U.K.’s new immigration system, along with its strategy for managing consequential staff shortages, disproportionately impacts women as it undervalues caring roles and promotes male-dominated industries. The new policy states that people seeking a working visa must have a job offer with a salary of more than £25,600.  A lower […]

From Russia With Hate: Pussy Riot’s Music Video Shut Down By Police

Russian police have shut down the shoot for Pussy Riot’s music video for their new song “БЕСИТ / RAGE.”  The police cited the country’s laws against the promotion of “gay propaganda” as their reasons for shutting down the shoot, which, according to Pussy Riot, lost them $15,000.  The feminist and […]

The Indigenous Experience Of The Australian Bushfires: A Disregard For Cultural Burning, To The Burning Of Culture

The current Australian wildfires have destroyed an area of land belonging to the indigenous group known as the Yuin people. This occurs alongside the resurgence in criticism of the government’s disregard of ‘cultural burning,’ the indigenous practice of managing land through more controlled fires. The Yuin people have an officially […]

Mobilizing Legitimacy In Response To General Haftar’s Take Over Of Libyan City Of Sirte

Forces opposing the current UN-backed Libyan government are reported to have taken over the city of Sirte, during what their leader, General Haftar, has described as a “victorious march” towards the Libyan capital of Tripoli.  Sirte was previously held by the Government of National Accord (GNA), the UN-backed Libyan government […]