Author: Gonzalo Bartolomé

Vote….But No Rights For Saudi Women

Women in Saudi Arabia have cast their vote for the first time in history last Saturday, December 12. Women’s suffrage has been received as a milestone in the politics of the country by the international community. The election of municipal councils have elected 20 female candidates, as reported by The

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EU Offers Cash to Stem Refugee Influx.

On November 29, the heads of state or governments of the European Union (EU) met with the prime minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu. There they finalized an agreement on a Refugee Facility for Turkey. The deal aims to cease the flow of refugees and migrants into the EU. The deal

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Russian Jet Shot Down By Turkey

A Russian warplane shot down near the Turkish-Syrian border on November 24th adds tensions to the already complex relations between the forces acting in the region. Two Turkish F-16 jets brought down a Russian SU-24 that allegedly violated Turkish airspace. The conflicting positions regarding the incident raise fears of escalation

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