Gonzalo Bartolomé

North Korea’s Nuclear Seismic Wave

North Korea has confirmed nuclear testing suspicions after foreign geological agencies reported two earthquakes in the country. Bordering cities in China felt the tremor that lasted several seconds, followed by an aftershock. The seismic wave was also felt along the Russian coast near Vladivostok. Today, seismologists from Japan and U.S. […]

Iranians Vote For Reform

Last May 19th, Iranians voted for more political and individual freedoms, and bridges with the international community in the presidential elections. Iran’s incumbent President Hassan Rouhani has won a landslide victory in last Friday presidential elections. Officials results show a decisive victory, garnering the 57%of the vote for the 38% […]

Post-Truth: The Falsehood Behind The Truth

The so-called ‘post-truth’ era has become a fundamental element in shaping the international landscape of relations in recent years. Brexit and the polemical US Presidential Elections set the course for post-truth to be selected as 2016’s international word of the year. Once upon a time, ‘true’ or ‘false’ were the […]

Yemen: A Humanitarian Catastrophe

A group of aid organisations have reported that seven million people are starving to death in Yemen. The Disasters Emergency Committee, which includes organisations such as Oxfam, British Red Cross and Save the Children, has presented shocking figures drawing an utterly critical situation. In addition, UNICEF reported last week that […]

Understanding The Yemen Conflict: The Saudi-led Coalition.

Yemen has traditionally been absent from the international media and remains unknown for a large part of the global population. Moreover, the rise of ISIL and the Syrian conflict have further eclipsed the Yemeni Crisis. In order to shed light on the matter, the latest data from the United Nations Office for […]

XXI Century Challenges (IV): ISIL Origins And Expansion

  The successful story of the Islamic State has perplexed many in recent years, but its existence is not new. The group has existed under various names and shapes since the early 1990s, the latter name is Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). As mentioned in previous report, […]

XXI Century Challenges (II): Trends In Terrorism

  Since 2000, the world has witnessed a change of trends in terrorism. Although the core principles on which terrorism is based have not shifted, there has been a remodelling of patterns, such as geographic activity, methods of attack, organisations involved, as well as the national economic and political context. […]