Anne-Marie Goh

About Anne-Marie Goh

Anne-Marie is an Asian Studies/Law undergraduate at the Australian National University with a strong interest in Security studies and South-East Asian politics.

Jakarta Follows Duterte’s Bloody Footsteps? Jakarta’s Police Force Given License To Kill In Anti-Street Crime Campaign

With the 2018 Asian Games fast approaching, Jakarta has turned its focus to rid its streets of crime in preparation. On the 3rd of July, a one month long anti-street crime campaign was launched in Jakarta and Tangerang, aiming to address a recent spike in street crime and violent robbery […]

“Safe Access Zone” Bill Criminalizing Protests Outside Abortion Clinics: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Under a recently passed bill to amend the Public Health Act in New South Wales, Australia, protesters who harass, film, or make abortion related communications within 150 meters of abortion clinics will face fines of up to $5,500 or six months of imprisonment. Passed on the 8th of June with […]