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About Genevieve Lai

Current student studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations. Correlating with her interest in writing, the OWP has provided a platform to disseminate information about maritime issues, Australian foreign policy and international law. Currently a Correspondent in the Australian Division.

UN General Assembly Elects First Pacific President

  On June 13, the first person to be elected as President from the Pacific islands was elected at the UN General Assembly’s 71st Session. Fiji’s ambassador to the United Nations, Peter Thomson, was elected after beating out Andreas Mavroyiannis, of Cyprus, by four votes. This was a rare occasion […]

UN General Assembly Elects First Pacific President

Tensions Flare in East China Sea

On Thursday 8 June, the world was reminded of the often-forgotten dispute in the East China Sea when Japan summoned the Chinese ambassador, Cheng Yongshua, after a Chinese frigate entered the contiguous zone around the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands have been in dispute for some time and are claimed […]

US Lifts Cold War Arms Embargo on Vietnam

  On a recent visit to Vietnam, US President Barack Obama announced that the US would lift the embargo on lethal arms sales to the Southeast Asian nation. The announcement follows the US’s attempts to forge closer ties to the region and to ground support against China against the backdrop […]

The World Humanitarian Summit: Doomed To Fail?

  Due to take place in Istanbul from May 23-24, the World Humanitarian Summit will be the first of its kind in the global attempt to restructure the way international aid and humanitarian practices are conducted. However, the Summit has already been poised to fail after the withdrawal of key […]

Islands in the Sea–or Rocks?

Whilst attention in the South China Sea has been directed at China’s strategic movements and its own claims to territory, a lesser known dispute also threatens to erupt and challenge the frayed and fragile relationships in the region. The contention over Okinotori by Japan, Taiwan and to some extent China […]

Kremlin Begins Attempts to Ensure Electoral Victory

  The Kremlin is seeking to ensure a Putin-victory at its parliamentary elections in September by passing laws changing the electoral process, including reform to rules around campaigning and observation. As it gears up for the next election, the Duma – the Russian parliament – has passed laws that censure […]

FIFA Commits to a Workers’ Welfare Body

After allegations of exploitation and abuses of human rights, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has announced it will establish a body to ensure there are ‘decent working conditions’ for the workers constructing the Qatari 2022 World Cup stadiums. FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, announced that the body would comprise […]

The 13th Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) met for a two-day summit (14-15 April) in Istanbul to strive for closer relations, cohesion amongst differences in the Muslim world and to discuss ongoing tensions, predominantly Syria and Yemen. The OIC is comprised of 57 member states and is designated as the collective voice […]

Sino-Vietnamese Relations Sour

Tensions between Vietnam and China, inflamed from the South China Sea dispute, have been further fueled by a dispute over an oil rig in the controversial sea. As an ongoing dispute since 2014, Vietnam recently demanded that the Chinese abandon their plan to drill in waters Vietnam claims there is […]

The Nuclear Security Summit

Leaders from over 50 countries and members from four international organisations flew into Washington D. C. to attend the fourth Nuclear Security Summit on 31 March. What was primarily framed as a meeting to draw attention to the security threat of nuclear proliferation became focused specifically on issues of country attendance […]