Gemma Anon

About Gemma Anon

Gemma joined the OWP as a junior correspondent in May 2020. Gemma advocates for ambitious solutions because she believes they are necessary for achieving a peaceful and inclusive society. Her interests include economics, human rights, and international law.

Venezuela’s Crimes Against Humanity

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has condemned the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for crimes against humanity. In the report released by the UNHRC this week, Venezuela was criticized for serious human rights violations including extrajudicial killings, disappearances, unlawful detentions, and acts of torture. The Independent International Fact-Finding Mission […]

‘Poverty Is The Parent Of Revolution And Crime’ – Aristotle

Poor countries are disproportionately affected by domestic war and other forms of conflict. The World Bank acknowledges that “on average, a country that experiences major violence has a poverty rate significantly higher than a country that had no violence.” The ten poorest countries, as reported by the World Bank in […]

A messy pile of American $100 bills.

Vaccine Nationalism And Owing A Duty Of Care To Our Neighbors

‘Vaccine nationalism’ is a dangerous movement that threatens the world’s ability to end the pandemic. Vaccine nationalism is where rich countries pre-purchase COVID-19 vaccines for their citizens or restrict organizations’ ability to supply other nations. This behavior may make a future COVID-19 vaccine inaccessible to low income to medium-income countries. […]

Syria’s Harsh Winters Require Dwellings That Can Brave Sub-Zero Temperatures

Fleeing from violence, many internally displaced Syrians face an unforgiving climate. Syria’s civil war has been fought through eight winters where sub-zero temperatures are common. In these conditions, many Syrians have frozen to death. Aid organizations are working to build more suitable living conditions to brave the environment. However, organizations […]

The Rise Of Anti-Immigrant Views In Turkey

As of July 2020, approximately 3,600,000 Syrians live in Turkey under Temporary Protection status having escaped tyranny in their homeland. Syrians under temporary protection (SuTP), have access to healthcare, education, social services and the labor market. Turkey’s geographical position made it an ideal place of refuge in 2016 when civil […]

European Commission Proposes €485 Million ‘Top-up’ For Syrian Refugees In Turkey

On 4 June, the European Commission proposed a €485 million ‘top-up’ to support Syrian refugees living in Turkey. The funds would be used to extend the Emergency Social Safety Net, a program that provides monthly financial assistance to approximately 1.7 million refugees and the Conditional Cash Transfers for Education program, […]

Journalists Face Death Penalty in Yemen

On April 11 2020, four journalists were sentenced to death by the Houthi-led rebel Government in Yemen. The journalists were convicted of spying and “broadcasting rumours, fake news, and statements in support of the enemy Saudi Arabia.” The situation has attracted an outpouring of concern from over 150 non-governmental groups, […]

Vulnerable And Exposed In The World’s Largest Refugee Camp

Escaping ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, Rohingya refugees have survived unimaginable atrocities. Now along with the rest of the world, they face an entirely new threat; COVID-19. However, Rohingyas living in the world’s most crowded refugee camp are more vulnerable than most. Living conditions in Bangladesh’s Kutupalong Refugee Camp represent the […]