Shamina Begum: Baby Dies In Syrian Refugee Camp

Shamina Begum’s baby, Jarrah, died on Thursday 7th March in a Syrian refugee camp from pneumonia, according to a medical certificate. He was under three weeks old. Ms. Begum, who left East London aged just 15 in 2015 with two friends to join ISIS in Syria, recently had her British citizenship […]

Maduro’s Blocking Of Aid To Venezuela ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, has said that the efforts of Nicolas Maduro to block U.S. aid from coming into the country are a ‘crime against humanity.’ Guaido said this last week in an address to military officials as part of an offer of Amnesty to those who now choose […]

ELN Responsible for Bogota Car Bomb

A car laden with 80kg of explosive pentolite was detonated at the General Santander Police Academy in south Bogota, Colombia, this past Thursday. The bombing took place during a police cadet promotion ceremony, killing twenty-one and injuring a further sixty-eight. The attack has been blamed on the left-wing guerrilla group, the […]

Plot To Assassinate Colombian President

In December, three Venezuelans were arrested in the northern Colombian towns of Barranquilla and Valledupar and were found to be carrying ‘weapons of war,’ including an assault rifle, a 9mm mini-Uzi, ammunition, and a stun grenade. On 29th December, Colombia’s Foreign Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, announced that this arrest had been […]

Child Migrant In Custody At Mexico-U.S. Border Dies

Last week it was announced that on Thursday, December 6 a seven-year-old girl from Guatemala died after spending eight hours in U.S. border control custody. The young girl and her father had crossed the border illegally the previous week but the two handed themselves over to authorities on December 6. Border […]

U.A.E. Spy Charges: A Need for ‘Repercussions’

British PhD student, Matthew Hedges, has now safely returned to the United Kingdom after being sentenced to life in prison in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), before being pardoned on November 26th. Despite the fact that Hedges was issued a presidential pardon, the UAE should still be facing these ‘repercussions’ for their unacceptable treatment of him and other wrongly accused academics. Academics across the world should be able to carry out research safely. They should have access to clear guidelines from their country of interest as to what academic research is permitted, and they should be confident that, if they follow these guidelines, they will not be arrested for gathering open-source information.

G20 Summit: The Saudi Crown Prince’s Diplomatic Test

This weekend, from Friday, November 30th to Sunday, December 2nd, the annual G20 summit has been taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The summit marked the Saudi Crown Prince’s first major international diplomatic test since the murder of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, on October 2nd. Mohammed bin Salman, or MbS as he […]

Europe’s ‘Outdated And Harmful’ Rape Laws

Sunday, November 25 marked the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which saw people protest across the world against sexual violence, female genital mutilation (FGM) and transphobia, amongst other important and prevalent issues. On the eve of the day, a report by Amnesty International was released, […]

Khashoggi’s Killers: The Saudi Public Prosecution Investigation

Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Public Prosecutor, Shaalan al-Shaalan, announced on Thursday, November 15th that eleven Saudis are on trial for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for five of them. However, Al-Shaalan maintained that the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had no knowledge of the killing that took […]

Stop Ignoring Venezuela’s Economic And Migrant Crises

Venezuela has political problems which are causing many governments and economists from outside of the continent to withhold support in resolving the economic and migrant crises being faced in the country. However, now is the time to put these judgements aside and stop ignoring Venezuela.