Cherie Gan

About Cherie Gan

Gan Cherie is currently a third year law student at the University of Tasmania. Through the OWP, she aims to assist advocates in finding peaceful alternatives to combative situations of today.

Austria Plans On Shutting Down Seven Mosques And Expelling Imams

On Friday, 8th June, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz represented the Austrian government and announced their plans to close down seven mosques and expel around 60 imams from the country. The move was a push by the Austrian government against radical Islam and the foreign funding of religious groups appearing within the […]

Case Study Into Rohingya Crisis; Effectiveness Of The UN

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization currently consisting of 193 Member States. The international organization which was founded in 1945 has a primary task to promote international cooperation and promote world peace by resolving conflicts. However, over the years the UN has been receiving scrutiny about their effectiveness, and […]

Key Human Rights Activists Arrested In Saudi’s Crackdown

Human Rights Watch reported on Tuesday, 22 May, that three more activists had been detained leading up to the month before Saudi lifts its ban on female drivers. In total, it was reported that at least 13 activists had been arrested since the weekend. Those arrested were advocating against the […]

UN Sends International War Crimes Investigators To Probe Gaza Killings

On Tuesday May 15th, the United Nations Security Council began their session with a moment of silence for the dead, noting the grief the international community after the shooting incident at the Gaza borders. The United Nations Human Rights Council also held a special session on Friday to discuss on […]

Opposition’s Win At Malaysia’s 14th General Election; In Light And Hope For A Democratic Change

On May 10, 2018, faithful Malaysians rejoiced at the announcement of the opposition alliance’s win at Malaysia’s 14th general election. With an over-sweeping vote of 119 seats in the 222-member parliament, the opposition, Pakatan Harapan (Coalition of Hope) brought change to a 61-year long reign of the Barisan Nasional (National […]

Case Study Into Tunisia: A Sustainable Democratic System

In 2015, a quartet of organizations from Tunisia won the Nobel Peace Prize for their contributions to a successful democratic model country in a short period of time. In 2011, the Jasmine Revolution hit Tunisia, forcing former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to step down from the presidency amid […]

India Implements Death Penalty For Child Rapists

On April 22, 2018, India’s government announced that they would bring a change to their laws regarding convicted child rapists involving victims below the age of 12. The current maximum punishment of life imprisonment will now change to the capital punishment – the death penalty. The announcement was made as […]

Are North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Promises That Promising?

Kim Jong Un announced North Korea’s halt in their nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) launch, starting from the 21st of April onwards. Consecutively, Mr. Kim announced the shutting down of a test site of theirs. While the announcements were long-awaited good news by the international community in their […]

On Sanctions And Whether They Actually Work

Recently, the US placed additional sanctions on North Korea and Russia in February and April respectively. Ever since the Cold War, sanctions have been used with increasing frequency as an international diplomacy tool. However, as there have been few studies on their effectiveness, this report aims to review the recent […]

North Korea To Join Tokyo’s Olympic Games

On 30th March, the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach was reported to have met up with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang. According to the Associated Press, following a 30-minute formal meeting, Bach and Kim had another 45 minutes of casual discussions while watching a soccer match Friday afternoon at […]