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About Gabriella Palma

I am currently studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder though originally from San Diego, California. A rising senior, I am completing my bachelors in International Affairs with a concentration on Latin America while also pursuing an International Media certificate which focuses on Journalism. I am passionate about topics regarding immigration, Latin American relations, and social justice issues. I believe raising awareness on these issues through organizations like OWP is the first step towards inciting real change.

Guatemala Enters A State Of Siege After Military Murders

This past week, the Guatemalan government called for a national state emergency after the murder of three military personnel. Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales suspects these murders are by drug traffickers attempting to pass through towards Mexico and eventually to the U.S.. The state of emergency suspends the rights of assembly, […]

Brazilian Government Denies Millions In Amazon Aid Despite Devastating Fires

As the fires continue to remain ablaze in the Amazon, infamously known as the lungs of our Earth, Brazilian government boldly rejected $20 million in foreign aid according to CNN. Presidential spokesperson Otavio Rego Barros stated that acceptance of the funds would infringe on the autonomy and decision making of […]

Chad Declares State Of Emergency After Dozens Of Ethnic Killings

President of Chad Idriss Deby has enacted a national state of emergency due to the death of 50 people in the Sila and Ouaddai regions of this landlocked African country. Increased gun use among civilians due to an increase in supply from neighboring countries has perpetuated the loss of Chadians […]

Tens Of Thousands Rally At Election Protest In Moscow

Russians have taken their anger with the political corruption and unjust elections to the streets of Moscow, this time amassing nearly 50,000 people. The core of these protesters’ anger stems from the exclusion of independent, opposition-minded candidates from taking part in a September election for Moscow’s city legislature. Authorities deny […]

El Salvador- Set To Be Uninhabitable In 80 Years If Water Crisis Continues

El Salvador, a Central American state lying beneath Guatemala, is undergoing a fight for natural resources of unprecedented extremes. Experts say that if the small country continues on this poor environmental trajectory, within the next 80 years results could lead to the complete exhaustion of the country’s water resources. El […]

ICE Raids Nationwide – How These Sweeps Are Affecting The U.S.

President Trump has announced earlier this month that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency plans to conduct raids targeting immigrants with the intent of returning them to their country of origin. Beginning in ten major cities including Miami, Denver, Houston, and Los Angeles, Trump’s hope is to use these […]

Puerto Rican Protests Pushing Government Resignation

Thousands of Puerto Ricans have taken to the streets of the island’s capital in order to protest the government’s corruption and offensive comments made by their leader. Concrete barricades, tear gas, and brute force have been used by police in attempts to dispel crowds, with no avail. Despite angered citizens […]

Cubans’ Surge Of Social Media Usage Brings Possibility Of Political Change

In our increasingly wireless and internet savvy world, we are hard-pressed to find countries who have not caved to the social media trend. Years behind the technological obsession that Western countries have had for generations, Cubans have recently experienced a surge in internet accessibility and usage. This has brought a […]

Russian Air Force Planes Land In Venezuela

Just earlier this week, a Russian Air Force jet arrived in Venezuela’s main airport in Caracas city. This has caught the watchful eye of many major countries as the Russian-Venezuelan relationship could pose a danger to democracies globally. Venezuela’s state has been suffering since 2014, caused mainly by the rocky […]

Eight Dead After Migrant Boat Sinks Off Turkish Coast

Early on the morning of June 17th, eight were found dead after a boat capsized off the coast of Turkey. En route to the Greek islands, the boat’s 40 passengers sailed in hopes of finding refuge. Though their exact destination was unknown, it is likely that these Syrian refugees were […]