Fiona Fenwick

Afghan Migrants Tortured At Iranian Border

Reports have emerged of one of the worst human rights abuses on the Afghan-Iranian border within recent memory. It has been reported that last week, between 45 and 55 migrants were remanded by border guards, tortured, and thrown into the river Harirud, between Afghanistan’s Herat Province and Iran’s Khorasan. Abdul […]

Last Shipment Of EU Camels Delivered to Mauritanian National Guard 

The Mauritanian National Guard have received their final shipment of camels from the EU, reported Jane’s on 14 April. The camels were handed over to the Nomadic Group of the National Guard at Achemim, on the border with Mali, according to France’s Management Institute for International Security. The institute had […]

U.S. To Appoint Special Envoy To The Sahel As Row Over Military Presence In Africa Continues

A senior State Department official reported on Tuesday 3 March, that the U.S. is to appoint a Special Envoy to the Sahel region, according to Agence France-Presse. Meanwhile, arguments in Congress, concerning the country’s ongoing military presence in the region and the potential withdrawal of troops, continue to simmer. This […]

Enforced Secularism: Independent Journalist Detained On Extremist Charges In Tajikistan

Daler Sharifov, an independent journalist and free speech advocate, was arrested in Dushanbe on January 28. Sharifov, age 32, has been questioned by security forces and released on a number of previous occasions, says his wife Saida Kurbonova.  This time, he was tricked into an interrogation rather than receiving an […]