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I am an undergraduate student studying global health and psychology at the University of Toronto. I am interested in global affairs and advocating for peace, unity, and equality for all.

Taking A Closer Look At Media Censorship Using China And The Uyghur Population As A Case Study

Media censorship is a problem that affects the perspectives of issues relating to citizens’ safety, rights and freedoms. It is not limited to one country or continent, and by limiting and controlling the press, governments can affect the ‘truth’ heard by its citizens and sway public opinion. Governments have ample […]

A map of Pakistan, showing its four regions in various colors. Balochistan is shaded in pink in the southwest.

Pakistani Human Rights Activist Found Dead In Toronto; Family Suspects Foul Play

On December 20th, Karima Mehrab, also known as Karima Baloch, went on a walk and never came back. After her family reported her missing, Baloch was found dead near Lake Ontario. Police believe she committed suicide with no foul play involved, but Baloch’s family believe that her death should be […]

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab Charged With Neglect On Handling Of The Beirut Port Explosion

On 10 December 2020, a judge charged Prime Minister (PM) Hassan Diab and three ex-ministers with “negligence and causing death to hundreds and injuries to thousands more” over the Beirut explosion on 4 August, which destroyed Beirut’s port, killed at least 200 people, and injured at least 5,000 more. The […]

Journalist And Civil Society Activist Malala Maiwand Murdered In Eastern Afghanistan

On the morning of December 10, Afghan journalist Malala Maiwand and Mohammad Tahir, her driver, were murdered by gunmen on their way to Jalalabad, Nangarhar for work. No group has come forward and claim responsibility for the attack, but the governor of Nangarhar province, Ziaul Haq Amarkhel, who led Maiwand’s […]

Rising Islamophobia In Canada Should Be Considered A Nationwide Problem 4

Islamophobia and malicious attacks have been rising in Canada. The Quebec mosque shooting, which resulted in six men’s deaths, was just one of many Islamophobic hate crimes in 2017. According to Statistics Canada, there were 349 police-reported hate crimes against Muslims, peaking in February, a month after the Quebec mosque […]

A veiled woman in hijab stands before an ocean.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, One Of Iran’s Senior Nuclear Scientists, Has Been Assassinated Near Tehran

On Nov 27, Iran’s top senior nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was cornered and assassinated in Absard, near the nation’s capital, Tehran. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has stated that the country will not “leave this criminal act unanswered,” and will respond “in due course.” The president has also publicly stated that he […]

Women’s Rights Group, Equality Now, Sues Tanzania For Their Pregnant Schoolgirls Ban

On Nov 19th, Equality Now, a women’s rights group, filed a case in the Africa Court on Human and People’s Rights against the Tanzanian government on its discriminatory ban preventing pregnant girls and teenage mothers from attending school. The ban, established in 2002, allows schools to expel pregnant schoolgirls and […]

Armenians Are Burning Their Homes As They Leave Nagorno-Karabakh That Was Handed to Azerbaijan

Armenians previously living in Nagorno-Karabakh have set fire to and destroyed their homes while leaving the area. As part of the trilateral agreement between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia on November 10th, that region is being handed to Azerbaijan and residents must evacuate before November 15th, when it will be given […]

Canada’s Discrimination Against The Indigenous People Living Within Their Borders Must Not Be Tolerated Anymore

It is an unfortunate part of Canadian history and today’s reality that the Indigenous people within its borders face a multitude of hardships and discrimination from the Canadian federal government and others within the borders. Many Canadians are under the false impression that the Canada they live in now is […]

As Tensions Rise In Nova Scotia, Mi’kmaq Fishers Continue To Face Injustice

On October 17, a fire completely destroyed a facility in Nova Scotia used by Indigenous Mi’kmaq fishers of the Sipekne’katik First Nation to store their catches. Earlier that week, on October 13, a few hundred non-Indigenous fishermen robbed two facilities that Mi’kmaq fishers were storing their catches in, one of […]

Macron Continues To Use Extremist Attacks To Justify And Spread Islamophobia

On October 29th, in Nice, France, a terrorist attacked and killed three people in a church. Two died inside, while the other fled, only to die later from multiple stab wounds. The attacker was identified as 21-year-old Brahim Aioussaoi, a Tunisian man who arrived in France in early October. Christian […]

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The Baghdad Rocket Attack & The Growing Tension Between Iraq And The United States

On September 28, two rockets hit a house in Baghdad, Iraq, resulting in the death of two women and three children, with another two children injured. This is the first time in months that these attacks have resulted in civilian casualties. The attack was near Baghdad Airport, which includes a […]