Famida Rahman

“Don’t Let ISIS Get Away With Genocide:” Justice For The Yazidi People

“The UN was created as the world’s way of saying ‘never again’ to genocide perpetrated by the Nazis… and yet here we are, 70 years later, discussing the UN’s inaction in the face of genocide that we all know about, and that is ongoing.” In 2016, the famous human rights […]

“Peace not War”- Egypt Seeks To Defuse Tensions With Ethiopia And Sudan In Dispute Over The Nile River

Last Monday in Cairo, Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, sought to defuse tensions with neighboring countries Sudan and Ethiopia. In a dispute regarding the ancient Nile River, el-Sisi assured that Egypt was not interfering in the internal affairs of either country or seeking war against them. This follows concerns expressed […]

International Criminal Court’s Investigation Into War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity In Afghanistan

In late 2017, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) requested permission to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan between 2003 and 2013. In what many have described as a brave move towards global justice, Fatou Bensouda hopes to hold to account the actions […]

Evacuation Of Critically Sick Patients From Syrian Rebel-Held Enclave In Eastern Ghouta

In December 2017, the United Nations pushed for the immediate evacuation of critically sick children and patients from the besieged Syrian rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta. Over the past few weeks the process of evacuation has begun; however, the lives of hundreds of people requiring immediate medical attention remains uncertain. […]

Child Marriage & Conflict: A Weapon Of War And Desperation

Over the last few years, child marriages have been on the rise in many nations and communities that are amidst periods of uncertainty and conflict. In 2016, 11 year old Fayrouz ran away from her 25 year old husband after he tried to force her to have sex. She was […]

The Forbidden West: The Continued Existence Of Boko Haram In Nigeria

In the last few years, the Nigerian government has claimed to have defeated the terrorist sect Boko Haram on a number of different occasions. Despite this, the group’s activities in recent years have still continued. In December 2015, Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari confirmed the group had been ‘technically’ defeated. However […]

‘Treated Like Cattle:’ Recent Outrage With Modern-day Slavery Practices In Libya

Earlier this month, CNN released video footage of young men being auctioned off as farm workers in Libya. This instigated global outrage on the modern-day slavery practices currently present in the North African country. The political vacuum left by the fall of Muammar Gaddafi has exacerbated human trafficking and people […]

Is Saudi Arabia Listening? A Global Message To Stop Starving Yemeni Civilians

Since 5 November 2017, the Saudi Coalition has prevented the flow of food, medicine and humanitarian aid offloaded at Yemen’s sea ports, and has blocked air services to the Yemeni cities of Sana and Aden. These actions were deemed necessary by Saudi Arabia after the Iranian supported Houthi rebels threatened Riyadh […]

US-Led Coalition Encourages Dialogue Between Iraqi And Kurdish Forces

Amidst the recent and on-going conflict between Kurdish and Iraqi forces, the two sides have been encouraged to come together in order to combat a greater enemy. It has been confirmed that they are currently in talks following sporadic clashes over the last ten days. The US-led Coalition suggests that […]