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I am a third year university student currently studying Media Culture and Communication at University and am minoring in Anthropology. I have a keen interest in geopolitical affairs and international communication and hope to support this through these works.

Latest Suicide In Australia’s Offshore Detention Centre Highlights The Failing Government System

The death of 26 year old Iranian refugee, Fariborz Karami on Nauru island this month has become the latest causality within Australia’s offshore detention centres. The Guardian, ABC News and a host of other news outlets this month have published the progressive investigation into the suicide of Iranian asylum seeker […]

Ceasefire Called Between Afghanistan And Taliban Forces, But Will It Last?

The BBC news organization this week successfully documented the extension of the Afghani ceasefire between both the Taliban and government.  This ceasefire was initially established to respect the holiness of the Eid festival and has brought a surprising and optimistic scene to the streets of Afghani communities; with both sides […]

Myanmar Conflict: New Developments Arise Between The Rebels And State Within The Kachin Province Of Northern Myanmar

This week, the BBC news organization published reports regarding new developments of a conflict in Myanmar and specifically, the documented fleeing of 4,000 people from the Kachin region since the beginning of April, as stated by reports published by the UN organization. In accordance to the BBC organization, these refugees […]

Russia And America Respond To Syria’s Use Of Chemical Weapons Against Their Own People

The Russian nations’ blatant denial and misconstruction of the truths, objectives and costs of the Syrian Civil War creates a clear index to the globalized audience of the need for collective change. This notion was epitomized this week through an article published by the BBC organization, as it documented Russia’s […]

The American Intervention: America’s Role And Actions Within The Syrian Civil Crisis

The American response to the Syrian civil war has resulted in a long standing direct and indirect military intervention beginning in 2011. This transnational issue has emanated through both the presidencies of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Recently, American policy towards the conflict has become critical to understand through the […]

How Did The Syrian Civil War Develop Into A Globalized Conflict? 1

Due to this week’s reports of continual conflict within the Syrian region, namely the persistent shelling and airstrikes reported within the Eastern Ghouta region, this article will investigate the origins of the Syrian conflict which now affects millions of both civilian and military inhabitants. These origins are substantiated by the […]

FBI Charges 13 Russian Individuals With Electoral Interference

This week the BBC and Guardian Newspapers Online reported the charging of 13 Russian citizens with collusion in the American election of 2016 in favour of Donald Trump Junior. This announcement, advocated for by Robert Mueller of the FBI Special Council, represents a major development in the Russian investigation. The […]

New Stonewalls Infuriate American Intelligence Committee In Their Investigation Into Russian Collusion

The 2016 American election nominating the presidential office to pass from Barack Obama to Donald Trump Jr, catalysed a massive international inquiry with repercussions that are still investigated in today’s political arena. Naming Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States challenged the long-anticipated lead of Trump’s political rival […]

Refugee Parent Called By Government To Leave Child Alone In Australian Detention Centre

This week the Guardian newspaper published an article reporting the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers within the Naru detention centre, as parents are asked to leave their under age children alone in detention camps whilst they receive critical medical treatment overseas. Those claims are epitomized through the case  of Fatemeh, […]