Emily Shawkey

About Emily Shawkey

Emily is a junior majoring Global Security & Justice with a minor in Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia. She is interested in human rights, international relations, and law.

Pakistan Bombing Claims Lives On Election Day

31 people were killed in a bombing last Wednesday, the day of Pakistan’s parliamentary elections, and over 40 others were wounded as a result of the attack. ISIS claimed responsibility for the event, which was carried out by a suicide bomber near a polling station in the city of Quetta […]

Unrest In Nicaragua Leads To Calls For Change

Nicaragua has been experiencing a wave of protests since April, and the resulting death toll has grown to over 270. Most recently, ten people were shot and killed by Nicaraguan police after setting up roadblocks in opposition to President Daniel Ortega’s regime. Days prior to this attack, there was a […]

Peace Agreement To End South Sudan’s Civil War

Warring parties in South Sudan have signed a new security accord which brings hope for peace and increased humanitarian aid. South Sudan became the world’s newest nation after voting to become independent from [North] Sudan in 2011. The civil war that broke out two years later has wreaked havoc on […]

French Butchers Face Violence From Vegans

Butchers in France have appealed to their government for protection in the midst of violence and threats they face from vegans and animal rights activists. In both the Hauts-de-France region and the southern Occitanie region of the country, butcher shops have been attacked. Shops have been vandalized with graffiti, sprayed […]

Several Arrested Over Ethiopian Grenade Attack

Thirty people have been arrested in relation to a recent grenade attack on a political rally in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa. The attack left two dead and injured over 150 more people. Most of these injuries were caused by the chaos and stampede that ensued, rather than by the […]

Violence In Turkey Leading Up To Election

On Sunday, Turkey will hold elections in which current President Recep Tayyik Erdogan is running for another five-year term. Conflict has erupted over the campaign, as opposition groups and dissenters have been faced with alarming violence. Last week, four people were killed in violence that broke out during a campaign […]

Turkish Jets Attack Terrorist Group In Iraq

Turkish air attacks have targeted the headquarters of Kurdish rebels located in the Qandil Mountains of Iraq, according to an announcement from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The targeted party is the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known as the PKK. Over 40 000 people have lost their lives as a […]

Israeli Knesset Stops Bill Seeking Equality For All

On June 4, the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) blocked a proposed bill which called for political equality between Arabs and Jews in Israel. The bill was sponsored by an Arab political group desiring equal citizenship for both Jewish and Arab nationalities. The aim of the bill was to restructure the […]

Yemeni Forces Advance Within 20km Of Hodeidah

As of Monday, forces of the Saudi-led coalition have advanced within twenty miles of Hodeidah, Yemen’s 3rd largest city. Fighting first broke out in 2015, when Saudi Arabia and other Arab states decided to take action in Yemen. Their aim was to push back the Houthi group, which had pushed […]

Burundi Vote Allows Extended Presidential Term Limits

On May 17th, the people of Burundi voted to pass a referendum extending the length of presidential term limits. 73 percent of voters voted yes to allowing presidents to serve for two seven-year terms instead of five-year terms. Voter turnout was very high, at 96 percent. The referendum will allow […]