Ademola Olayiwola

About Ademola Olayiwola

Ademola has a Bachelor degree in Political Science from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is currently a masters student of Governance and Regional Integration at Pan African University (African Union Commission University). Ademola has strong passion for peace studies and security in Africa.

New Western Nigeria Security Network And Shifting Geographies Of Security In Nigeria: Opportunity for Change?

The current situation in Nigeria, with the Boko Haram insurgency, a resurgence of nomadic herders-rural farmers violence, rural banditry and kidnapping, has become more problematic than in previous years. Despite a host of peace and crime prevention efforts undertaken by the Federal Government, insecurity and criminal activities are ubiquitous and […]

Persistence of Xenophobic Attacks Against Nigerians In South Africa

The Government of Nigeria has expressed concern over the continued killing of Nigerians in xenophobic attacks in South Africa. This is as findings revealed that one Nigerian is killed weekly as a result of xenophobic attacks in the country. Xenophobia is a hate crime where logic goes beyond the often […]

The Controversial Rescue Of The Dapchi School Girls: Will Nigeria Seek For The ‘One Sheep’ Left?

The Federal Government of Nigeria has confirmed the release of 104 Dapchi school girls abducted by Boko Haram. The Dapchi schoolgirls (plus one other girl and boy) were freed by insurgents in the early hours of 21 March. Recalling that 110 school girls were originally kidnapped, 104 were released by […]

The Escalation Of The Anglophone Crisis In Cameroon

The most recent attack in Cameroon that took place on Monday 6th November in Bamenda has led to the killing of two gendarmes-paramilitary forces. The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon continues to pose serious concern for the country, neighbouring countries and international community. The security situation, which occurs in northwestern and southwestern […]

Recent Truck Bombing In Somalia Is The Single Deadliest Attack In The Horn of Africa

On 14th October 2017, a truck bombing in Somalia’s capital left at least 276 people dead, with many bodies burned to ashes and relatives declaring about 70 people missing. The bomb, which exploded very close to a busy junction in central Mogadishu, was said to have targeted a crowded street […]