Emy-Lee Rogers

The Neo-Nazi Dilemma

Currently, more people than ever are migrating, being displaced, or left stateless. As a result, trends surrounding the European migration crisis and various other movements have arisen. Unfortunately, through the increased presence of various cultural, ethnic, and religious groups, there has been a drastic increase in xenophobic opinions presented within communities. […]

Blockchain, Syria And The Future

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain communities, developments have been made to address a variety of complex social issues in our current global sphere. More recently, the United Nations has collaborated with the World Food Organisation and Eye pay. In early March 2018, this network has successfully introduced a […]

2000 Children Taken By US Government: The Next Phase Of Trumps’ Border Dilemma

Latest news on the US government has been focused on the USA-NK negotiations, re-diverting attention from an issue closer to home. In April 2018, the Trump administration began separating families participating in illegal border crossings in an attempt to deter future migrants. Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared this the new […]

The Uncensored Playlist

The uncensored playlist was released on March 12th, 2018, in which musicians and journalists alike teamed up to exploit a loophole of modern-day censorship. Five journalists from five heavily censored countries aligned with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Germany to break through the free speech blockade through the use of music. […]

April 2018: Youth Activists Fighting For A Safe Education; Gun Violence In American Schools

Gun violence has impacted the education and lives of countless American students over the last few decades. This year alone, students have endured a shooting every month, with increasing numbers of schoolchildren murdered. However, these students are standing together in a new war on gun laws; they are calling for […]

20 Years On: Northern Ireland And The Good Friday Agreement

April  10th marked the 20 year anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. This agreement was formed between the Irish Republic and the UK (in particular Northern Ireland), to end violence and begin the peace-making process. Prior to this agreement, more than 1,500 people lost their lives during the ‘Irish Troubles,’ an era […]

Coerced Prison Sentence For Child Activist Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi is a 17-year-old Palestinian child activist residing in Bethlehem. However, since December 2017, Tamimi has become a symbol of the Palestinian rebellion. Ahed Tamimi’s mother filmed the 17-year-old slapping and harassing Israeli soldiers in her home village of Bethlehem, located near Jerusalem. The footage from Tamimi’s act of defiance […]