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Emily is a philosophy student with a passion for learning across multiple disciplines. Apart from her position at OWP, Emily's other interests include music, reading, kayaking, meditation, and hikes with her family dog, Abbie.

White Supremacy Extremism Classed Top U.S. Terror Threat

The Department of Homeland Security has released its first annual homeland security assessment, which covers a range of high potency threats to the country –  from climate disasters and election interference, to the imminent rise of China. In light of what we’ve seen playing out on the streets of Charlottesville […]

A Polish poster. Two stick figures, apparently male and having sex, are circled and crossed out, with the letters LG/BT split by the line. A collage of serious, blue-toned, protesting people forms the poster's background.

Poland Receives Harsh Rebuke For Intolerance Against LGBT+ Community

Diplomats from 50 countries signed an open letter Sunday calling on the Polish government to end discrimination in the country against sexual minorities. The letter expressed solidarity with Poland’s LGBT+ community while urging the Polish government to protect its citizens and give them the freedoms upheld by OSCE, the Council […]

UAE, Bahrain Normalize Ties With Israel, Stokes Fear For Palestinian Cause

Speculation of rapprochement between Arab States and Israel has been gaining momentum in recent months following landmark settlements between Israel and two Arab States, Bahrain and the UAE. The US-brokered agreements mark the first signs of recognition between Israel and the Gulf in over 25 years. Foreign ministers of both […]