Emily Mansfield

About Emily Mansfield

My name is Emily Mansfield, I am Norwegian and a Politics and IR student at the University of Manchester. I believe that peaceful solutions to conflict need to be further explored in the realm of international politics, and that the best way to do this is through education. I believe in the OWP's mission and as a Correspondent Intern I hope to be able to make a meaningful contribution to their goal.

UK Urged By The ICJ To End Its Colonial Administration Of The Chago Archipelago “As Rapidly as Possible”

Nowadays when we speak of colonialism it is implicitly assumed that it is a past phenomenon. However, the Chagos Islands remain colonized by the UK, who now uses the islands for defense purposes. On Monday the 25th of February The International Court of Justice stated that the UK Government is […]

Stansted 15 Spared Jail Time Despite Use Of ‘Terror’ Laws To Prosecute The Activists

The Stansted 15, human rights defenders who took peaceful action to prevent the deportation of a group of people in 2017, faced strong prosecution for almost two years, and only just received their verdict. The activists narrowly avoided a terrorism conviction and consequent jail time for having broken into Stansted […]