Author: Emilio Risoli

Donald Trump’s Last-Minute Wave Of Pardons And Executions

In his final few days in office, Donald Trump has used the opportunity to issue a range of Presidential pardons to allies, family members, and even convicted war criminals. Meanwhile, his administration has rushed through a string of federal executions, breaking with a 130-year-old precedent that has previously prevented such

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Ousting Of President Vizcarra Leads To Protests In Peru

A series of demonstrations have broken out in several Peruvian cities after President Martín Vizcarra was ousted from office on the 9th of November, tipping the country into further political uncertainty as it deals with one of the world’s highest Covid-19 death tolls. Manuel Merino, the former head of Congress,

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One Year On: Anti-Government Protests Continue In Iraq

Following the one-year anniversary of anti-government protests in Iraq, protesters returned to the streets calling for transparent elections, youth employment, and an end to government corruption and foreign interference. Like in 2019, the main demonstrations took place on 1 October and 25 October, with Baghdad’s Tahrir Square at the epicentre

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