Author: Ema Brazdeikyte

14 Nations Unite To Protect 100% Of Oceans

This past month, leaders from 14 nations came together via video conference and made a pact to protect the ocean. This agreement offered a renewed sense of hope that moving forward – decisions grounded in science may overtake political power plays. The 14 leaders conceded to sustainably regulate 100% of

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The Oil Spill Dilemma

Thousands of creatures on the seafloor of Russia’s Far East coast were found dead as a result of a toxic oil spill. The region is known for its vibrant marine life, where whales and seals are often seen, and is a popular spot for surfers. The initial cause for concern

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Will China Really Become Carbon-Neutral?

Chinese president, Xi Jinping, recently announced that his country aims to reach peak carbon emissions before 2030 and become carbon-neutral by 2060. This came as a surprise considering China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and is still continuing to build new coal plants despite this new announcement. It

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COVID-19 Is Not Stopping The Fight Against Climate Change

Last year, six million people around the world took part in strikes to demand action against the escalating global environmental crisis. This year, despite the constant barrage of urgent crises’ that seem to envelop the world, the fight against climate change did not stop. Instead, communities and youth activists adapted

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Moria Fire Highlights Failure Of EU Migration Policies

This past week a devastating fire ripped through Europe’s largest camp for asylum seekers, leaving about 13,000 migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos with no place to go. For years, thousands of refugees and migrants who arrived on Lesbos and placed in the ominous camp, known as Moria, have

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