Elsa Gougeon

About Elsa Gougeon

A graduate in International Development Studies interested in looking beneath the day-to-day controversies of politics in order to explore the underlying forces that promote violence and conflict and retard advancements towards peace.

A New Nuclear Age?

Iran’s “revenge” missile attacks on U.S forces in Iraq. Deadly chaos in Iran. The halting of the US-led coalition’s fight against the Islamic State. Rising perplexity and scepticism as questions arise over whether U.S troops will remain in Iraq, and even whether the United States will altogether respect the laws […]

India Continues To Simmer In Flames Over The Contentious Citizenship Amendment Act 1

Tens of thousands in India have gathered out on the streets in arguably the largest display of opposition to Prime Minister Modi since he took office in 2014. The breaking point: the passing of a new discriminatory citizenship law embraced by the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government. The Citizenship Amendment Act […]