Erika Loggin

About Erika Loggin

Erika is completing her Bachelor of Arts at Simon Fraser University with a degree in International Studies and History. She is passionate about human rights, refugees and forced displacement, and global politics. Erika is contributing to the Organization for World Peace as a correspondent in Canada.

Pakistani Taliban Publishes Women’s Magazine To Recruit Female Jihadists

The Pakistani Taliban is testing a new recruitment technique: a women’s magazine. The first edition of Sunnat-i-Khaula or “The Way of Khaula,” referring to a female Muslim warrior from the 7th century, was recently published and urges its readers to become involved with the Pakistani Taliban or Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). […]

Trump Ends CIA Arms Support For Anti-Assad Rebels

The Trump administration recently ended CIA arms support for anti-Assad rebels in Syria. The covert program, launched by former President Barack Obama in 2013 to pressure Assad to step down, armed and trained select rebel groups. The decision was made after President Donald Trump met with National Security Adviser H.R. […]