Elena Gibbs

Wildfires Spread Across Portugal, Galicia And Asturias

´´Is this what the apocalypse feels like?´´ A thought shared by many on Monday 16th October. The day before, strong but hot winds had swept an unfamiliar humidity around the westerly parts of coastal Asturias, leaving an unnerving confusion in the air. This was another uncomfortable part of the deadly […]

What Does The Issue Of Catalan Independence Mean For World Peace?

The Catalan Independence movement, independentisme catalá, began in 1922 with the idea to separate Catalonia from the Spanish Kingdom. This was achieved through founding the Catalan state. In 1931, negotiations were held which agreed that Catalonia would have autonomy with the Spanish state. However, during the Spanish Civil War in […]

Recognition Of Holistic Therapies In Mainstream Medicine

For generations, there’s been a spoken divide between approaches of the ‘East’ and ‘West’ towards medicine. Eastern methods typically imply a focus on the mind, body and soul as one interconnected thing, with a view to heal from the inside-out through finding the root cause of each physical or mental […]

Cape Town Reaches Level 5 Restrictions In Continuous Water Crisis

Over the last week, level 5 water restrictions have been introduced in Cape Town, South Africa. This implementation, set forth on September 3, 2017, means that the province is now undergoing its harshest measures to prevent a life-threatening water shortage. The crisis has escalated rapidly, as the province’s dams have […]

Reacting To Earth Overshoot Day

The first Earth Overshoot Day was calculated in the 1980s and marks the day on which people have used up more than their share of resources that the earth can reproduce in one year. This year, the day occurred the earliest in history: August 2nd, 2017. Global Footprint Network tracks […]

Applying Ecovillage Principles To A Worldwide Reality

In North Pembrokeshire, off the train from Clunderwen, just down from the junction at Glandwyr, and up the top of the hill lies Tir-y-Gafel, home to many. In 2009, nine partners teamed together to buy land to form what’s now a renowned Welsh eco-hamlet known as Lammas. In eight years, […]

Finding A Holistic Solution To Homelessness

While the estimated amount of people sleeping rough in England has increased by 16% in the year 2015 – 2016, the North West experienced an increase of 42%. The challenge of creating a census on an issue such as homelessness means that statistics are by no means definitive: it’s difficult […]

The Taboos And The Tags On Women’s Sanitary Needs

Globally, it is agreed that females start menstruating from around the age of 12. This has been happening for generations; the menstrual cycle is not a new situation. But why is that there is no global, no go-to, unequivocal source of knowledge on the subject? There is no globalized strategy […]

Making And Breaking The Rules In The U.K Election

Politics can often be seen as a game. A dangerous one at that. ‘The Great Game’ was the term coined in the nineteenth century for territorial conflict between Britain and Russia. But it seems that in the U.K. general election, the rules often fluctuate, and don’t necessarily lead to disqualification […]

Everything Comes At A Price: Unacceptable Working Conditions In Clothes Factories Across Asia

A few years ago, information about clothes manufacturing came into production. Masses of stories churned out exposing huge brands, such as Nike, Primark, and Topshop for their poor labour standards across Asian factories. The issue came into the public eye and people were upset about it, but how much changed […]