Elena Gibbs

What Does The Issue Of Catalan Independence Mean For World Peace?

The Catalan Independence movement, independentisme catalá, began in 1922 with the idea to separate Catalonia from the Spanish Kingdom. This was achieved through founding the Catalan state. In 1931, negotiations were held which agreed that Catalonia would have autonomy with the Spanish state. However, during the Spanish Civil War in […]

Everything Comes At A Price: Unacceptable Working Conditions In Clothes Factories Across Asia

A few years ago, information about clothes manufacturing came into production. Masses of stories churned out exposing huge brands, such as Nike, Primark, and Topshop for their poor labour standards across Asian factories. The issue came into the public eye and people were upset about it, but how much changed […]

Climate Change And Its Effects On Food Prices In Kenya: A Holistic Approach To Alleviating The Crisis

It can be difficult to see how climate change can impact something like a price tag. When money is a concept designed for trade, the connection between it and tangible, global weather circumstances can be hard to see. Rapidly, the economic climate in Kenya is making this link more visible […]