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A graduate in both Sociology and Peace and Conflict Studies, with a keen interest in anti-colonialism, postcolonial theory and intersectional feminism.

Indigenous Peoples Day Takes Precedence Over Columbus Day

October the 8th 2018 served as an example of the ever-changing, socio-political and cultural understanding of America’s long held traditions. Since 1934, Columbus Day has been a national holiday, celebrating Columbus’ arrival to what are known today as the Americas. However, in recent years there has been a growing shift […]

Fracking Restarts In The U.K. For The First Time In Seven Years

In the past week, exploratory shale gas drilling, otherwise known as ‘fracking’ has begun in the U.K. Fracking involves pumping water, chemical additives, and sand into shale rocks, causing the release of gas that will produce energy. This process may lead to the contamination of  groundwater and may contribute to […]

Saudi-UAE Alliance Announces To Open Humanitarian Corridors Between Rebel-Held Areas In Yemen

A Saudi-UAE coalition has plans to open humanitarian corridors in Yemen, amidst the ongoing conflict. The corridors will be situated between the two rebel strongholds of the Red Sea city of Hodeida and the capital Sanaa and will come into existence through coordination with the UN. This action took place […]