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A graduate in both Sociology and Peace and Conflict Studies, with a keen interest in anti-colonialism, postcolonial theory and intersectional feminism.

The Community In The U.K. Steps Up When The Government Fails Us

Last week 322 members of the Conservative Party, the party currently in power within U.K. government, voted against extending free school meals to disadvantaged children over the holidays. The campaign to do so was popularized by Manchester United and England’s striker Marcus Rashford, who was recently awarded an MBE for […]

London’s Second Ever Trans+ Pride Took Place This Weekend, Honouring Trans Icon Elie Che

Saturday, September 12th saw the second official Trans+ Pride take place in London, with demonstrators marching from Wellington Arch to Parliament Square. They were encouraged to wear and bring flowers while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. With fear of arrests and police presence in mind, organizers confirmed that legal observers […]

Addressing The Reality Of Police Brutality In The U.K.

The murder of George Floyd by the Minnesota Police department on the 25th May 2020, sparked both nationwide and worldwide protests against racism and the ongoing crisis of police brutality. George Floyd’s tragic murder is tragically, and abhorrently, another example of how black people are failed by the very systems […]

MPs Call For Implementation Of Police Officers In British Schools To Tackle Youth Violence

A group of MPs making up the Home Affairs Committee have called for more investment into neighbourhood policing, which includes placing dedicated police officers into “schools in areas with an above-average risk of serious youth violence”, according to BBC News. This would take action in April 2020, as a way […]

Freedom Of Press Stifled In Nicaragua Under Ortega Dictatorship

The independent press in Nicaragua continues to be assaulted by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and his family. Following anti-government protests which broke out in April, the government initially tried to control coverage through pressure placed upon media bosses to self-censor. However, in recent months, the assault on press freedoms […]

Aquarius, The Last Mediterranean Refugee Rescue Ship, Ends Operations Amid Pressure From EU States

Rescue and relief organizations SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have recently announced that they are ending the Aquarius refugee rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea. This decision followed the two-month halt to operations that Aquarius has endured following the revocation of its registration. 24 people associated with Aquarius have been […]

‘Extinction Rebellion’ Block London Bridges In Act Of Resistance

The most pressing global issue facing the whole of humanity is climate change. It is a complex phenomenon, consisting of a variety of multilateral issues and effects, with global impacts implicating virtually every human activity. This has motivated the campaign group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ to encourage global leaders to examine and […]

The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Crisis Of White Supremacy In The United States

On Saturday, 27th of October, a gunman entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and opened fire, killing 11 people. The suspect has been named as Robert Bowers, a white supremacist terrorist motivated by anti-Semitic and anti-immigration ideology. The attack left six people injured, four of whom were police […]

Saudi-UAE Alliance Announces To Open Humanitarian Corridors Between Rebel-Held Areas In Yemen

A Saudi-UAE coalition has plans to open humanitarian corridors in Yemen, amidst the ongoing conflict. The corridors will be situated between the two rebel strongholds of the Red Sea city of Hodeida and the capital Sanaa and will come into existence through coordination with the UN. This action took place […]