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About Edmund Pollock

Edmund graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. His main areas of passion and interest are sortition, democracy, and global inequality.

Colombia’s Legislature Rejects President’s Changes To Peace Tribunal

On April 8th, Columbia’s House of Representatives rejected President Ivan Duque’s proposed amendments to the law which governs the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) tribunal by 110 votes to 44. The vote was expected to fail because the peace accord, as part of the constitution, requires a two thirds supermajority […]

The Latest Brexit Breakdown

On Friday, the UK’s parliament voted to apply for Brexit extension. The new deadline for the U.K. to leave EU is on March 29th. The vote was won by a large 211 majority, despite the fact that most MPs from the ruling Conservative party voted against the extension. If Prime Minister […]

Indigenous Xinka March Against Guatemalan Silver Mine

On Tuesday, hundreds of indigenous Xinkas marched through Guatemala City to protest the contravention of a Constitutional Court ruling regarding the operation of a local mine. Last September, the court found that the establishment process of the mine in 2013, 75km Southeast of Guatemala City, failed to meet its obligation […]

U.S Sought To Rush Through Nuclear Technology Sale To Saudi Arabia

After multiple whistleblowers came forward, the U.S House Oversight and Reform Committee have released a staff report which shows that the White House has been seeking to fast track the sale of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. Not only has the White House has sought to proceed with the sale […]

Catalan Nationalist Parties Prompt Snap Election In Spain

On Tuesday, the votes of separatist Catalan parties in the Spanish legislature resulted in the Spanish government failing to pass its national budget. As a result, Spain’s minority government has called a snap election to take place on the 28th of April. The separatists, who had previously supported the government, […]

U.S. Interference Is Only Making Things Worse: Venezuela’s Crisis In The Context Of U.S. Imperialism

Venezuela is in the midst of an economic and political crisis which is being exacerbated by outside actors. Deep corruption and a mismanaged economy have led to a large number of Venezuelans going without food, medicine and other essential goods; many of them are migrating into neighbouring countries to try […]

Deadly Attacks On A Cathedral And Mosque After Landmark Referendum In Mindanao

Two people were killed in the Philippines when a grenade was thrown into a mosque in Zamboanga on Wednesday, just three days after two explosions at a cathedral killed at least 21 on the island of Jolo. The attacks come after the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao recently voted ‘yes’ […]

Moro Muslims Vote In Referendum For A New Region With Greater Autonomy In The Philippines

On Monday, over 2.8 million residents of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) voted in a referendum on whether to form a new region called Bangsamoro. This new region would be larger than ARMM and have greater autonomy. According to ABS-CBN, apart from a few isolated incidents, voting day […]

Strikes And Protests In Zimbabwe Against Sudden Fuel Price Rise

Strikes and deadly protests in Zimbabwe began on Monday against an increase in petrol prices. Police used tear gas and live rounds in confrontations with protesters. Motorists are enraged at the government which announced an almost 150% increase in fuel prices last weekend. According to Amnesty International, at least eight […]

Yellow Vest Protests In France Show No End In Sight: Could Sortition Be Part Of A Solution?

The yellow vest protests in France have entered their 8th week with a resurging number of protesters. The protests November 17 with an estimated 290,000 demonstrators, according to France 24. Numbers decreased during the holiday period, but were back up to about 50,000 last Saturday, according to Reuters. Violence between […]