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Ethan is an undergraduate student at the University of Adelaide completing a Bachelor of Laws and International Studies double degree. He is particularly interested in Asian politics, including how rising powers affect the Indo-Pacific and promoting peaceful solutions for the region.

UN Report: Nuclear Weapons “Divert Attention” From Dire Human Rights Situation In North Korea

On Tuesday, 28 May, the United Nations (UN) released their latest report on the troubled state of North Korea. The report focused on the governmental corruption that the general populous faces, under which those performing informal labor are threatened with jail time in order to extort money. This corruption appears […]

India Shoots Down Satellite In Test, Concerns Over Security And Space Junk

In the latest move for India’s rapidly expanding space program, the government announced on March 27th that they had successfully shot down a satellite in space. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a televised announcement to address the test, claiming that India had now established itself as a space power joining […]

Facing International Criticism, Chinese Judges Speak In Defence Of Death Penalty

China’s Supreme People’s Court is not known for weighing into public debates about China’s legal system. However, during a recent promotional visit to the Supreme Court, one judge, Li Xiao spoke to reporters in defense of the well-established death penalty while another, Liu Guixiang addressed the burgeoning social credit system, […]

Umbrella Movement Leaders Plead “Not Guilty” To Chargers As Protestors Show Support

Benny Tai, 54, Chan Kin-man, 59, and Chu Yiu-ming, 74, faced a busy courtroom day on Monday, November 19th, as chargers were presented over their involvement in the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. The trio pleaded “not guilty” to conspiracy to incite and commit public nuisance. Those are the […]

Violence Erupts Over Protests At Myanmar Garment Factory. A Presage Of Things To Come?

After eight weeks of persistent protest, workers at Fu Yuen Garment Co Ltd have allegedly been the target of “hired thugs” in an incident that drew riot police to the scene. The employees of the Chinese owned company have been demonstrating outside the factory since August 20th, when 30 workers […]

Syrian Man Arrested After Seven Months Living In Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Hassan Al-Kontar has been arrested in Malaysia on October 2nd bringing to an end his seven month stay in Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s budget terminal. The 36-year-old Syrian national has been stranded in the airport since March 7th when he was stopped from boarding a flight to Ecuador, Reuters reports. […]

“No One Can Obliterate Taiwan’s Existence” Businesses Caught In The Crossfire As Tensions Rise

An event that would be seen as routine in most other circumstances; a democratically elected foreign leader giving a speech in a short visit to the United States, has sparked a furore amongst governments and internet users alike. The element that makes this recent incident remarkable is that it is […]

Autonomy Granted To Southern Philippines Aims To End Conflict With Muslim Separatists

Violence on the Southern Philippines island of Mindanao has continued from 1969 until as recently as July 31st,2018, when nine soldiers and civilians were killed by a suicide bomber in a truck according to The Economist. However, President Rodrigo Duterte is hoping that this conflict is brought to an end […]

Meeting on the Korean Peninsula Amidst Activity at North Korean Missile Facility

North and South Korea have renewed dialogue on Tuesday the 31st of July in the Korean demilitarised zone (DMZ) as a follow up to their summit in April, Reuters reports. The talks are aimed at furthering the agreement stemming from the historic meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and […]

Green Murder: Record Number Of Environmental Activists Killed in 2017

Despite the increasing importance of environmental initiatives, advocating for them remains a dangerous occupation globally. In fact, a record 207 environmental activists were killed last year in the course of their activities according to Global Witness, a human rights NGO. These deaths came as activists attempted to prevent development on […]

Lightning To Strike Twice In Latin America? Political Violence In Nicaragua Echoes Venezuela’s Descent Into Illiberality

Nicaragua has endured a shocking level of violence over the previous three months. The turmoil has stemmed from President Daniel Ortega’s proposed cuts to the pension and the protests these have sparked. Yet for pension cuts to have resulted in the 300 deaths reported by The Economist in this period […]

A Test For Myanmar’s Free Press: Judge Will Decide Fate Of Two Jailed Journalists

In the midst of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, (see the recent article by Osborne a landmark decision is scheduled for July the 9th which will highlight the strength or lack thereof of Myanmar’s institutions. Two journalists for Reuters, Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, and Wa Lone, 32 are […]