Oshodi Ebenezer

About Oshodi Ebenezer

Born in owo, south west region of Nigeria. A graduate of Urban and regional planning from federal university of technology Yola. Nigeria. Surveyor at Hartland construction company.

The Increasing Number Of Herdsmen With AK47’s In Nigeria

  Incessant clashes of the Fulanis and farmers have been reported in several states in Nigeria in recent times in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, and now, Enugu state. Clashes by herdsmen, mainly Fulanis, and their host communities are as old as the country of Nigeria. Fulanis are known for their nomadic […]

Peacekeepers’ Sex Abuses: U.N. Not Doing Enough

  ‘The active maintenance of  truce between nations or communities by  international military forces’– this is the official definition of peacekeeping by the United Nations. But over the years, these armed men have added some unwritten functions like impregnating young women, acquisition of sex slaves and promotion of child prostitution […]

Somalia: U.S. attack kills 2 high-level Al-Shabaab figures

The last of the deadly terrorist group Al-Shabaab and the US counter-terrorism attacks in Somalia is yet to be heard. On 5 March 2016, US air strikes killed two senior militant officers and other fighters, the number of which was speculated to be around 150. These recent air attacks occurred in the […]