Rebecca Piesse

About Rebecca Piesse

Rebecca Piesse is studying a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies/Laws (Honours) at the Australian National University. Rebecca just returned from a year-long exchange program in Seoul, South Korea. Her majors include Korean language and North-East Asian studies, with a focus on developments on the Korean peninsula.

South Korean President Park Guen-Hye’s Popularity At Record Low As Impeachment Vote Is Declared

The fate of South Korea’s first female President Park Guen-Hye will be decided tomorrow when an impeachment vote is brought to the National Assembly. The impeachment bill is to be forwarded by three opposition parties and it is expected that more than two thirds of leaders in the assembly will […]

Rohingya Muslims Flee Persecution In Myanmar To Neighbouring Bangladesh

Rohingya Muslims are escaping persecution in Rakhine State Myanmar, with reports of disappearances as refugees flee across the border to neighbouring Bangladesh. According to the United Nations, nearly 70 people died last week during violent police raids, which were conducted by the state military with 30,000 others were left displaced […]

Congolese Lose Faith In Kabila Government As Violence Escalates

  Mass protests turned bloody last Monday with police and demonstrators clashing ahead of a planned opposition demonstration against the Kabila government in the capital of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Government reports declared that, at least, 17 people died in the clashes, however, opposition groups say the […]

Indonesia’s Haze-Filled Skies Carry Environmental And Health Concerns For The Region

Indonesia’s haze-filled skies carry both environmental and health concerns for the region: Forest fires fuel debate over sustainability of palm oil industries in Indonesia The dry season in Indonesia has been marked yet again with large-scale forest fires spreading a toxic haze over the country and neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore. […]

Successful North Korean Missile Launch Puts Regional Neighbours on Edge

North Korea has fired three ballistic missiles off the east coast of the peninsula with a reported range of between 500 to 600 kilometres, enough to strike anywhere on the southern peninsula according to South Korean military sources. The missiles were launched in the direction of Japan before plunging into […]

South China Sea: Indonesia Fires At Chinese Boats

  Indonesia has confirmed that on Sunday its navy fired warning shots at several Chinese vessels accused of fishing illegally near their northern Natuna Islands. This marks the third maritime confrontation that has occurred between Indonesia and China this year and demonstrates escalating tensions over sea and land rights within […]

Public Canings A Cause For Concern: The Enforcement Of Sharia Law In Indonesia

This report covers recent concern over the rise of public canings as punishment for “moral offences” in Aceh province, Indonesia. The conservative Aceh government has enacted several laws under strict sharia law that make acts such as gambling, drinking alcohol and public displays of intimacy and sex outside of marriage punishable by public caning. Human rights groups are concerned that if the laws continue unchecked, the rights of vulnerable people such as women, children and marginalised religious groups will be compromised.