Deepthi Mathew

Brazilian President Fires Head Of Indigenous Affairs And Pushes For Development In The Amazon

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has fired the head of the indigenous affairs agency after a push to free reservation lands, including those in the Amazon rainforest, for commercial agriculture and mining. It was confirmed that the head of the National Indigenous Affairs agency (FUNAI), Franklimberg Ribeiro de Freitas, was removed […]

Malaysia’s Artificial Island Construction Plans Spell Disaster For The Environment And Locals

The plan by the state government of Penang to construct artificial islands off the southern coast of the Malaysian state has been met with heavy criticism based on environmental and food security concerns. The three islands covering 1,821 hectares are part of the government’s Penang South Reclamation project (PSR) to […]

Russia Censors “Rocketman“ Using The “Gay Propaganda Law”

The Russian version of Elton John’s biopic Rocketman has reportedly cut several scenes depicting the singer’s homosexuality, citing laws banning “homosexual propaganda.” The film’s final caption referencing the openly gay singer’s life with his husband and their children was also cut. These edits come despite the film being rated 18+ […]

Zimbabwe’s Pattern of Human Rights Abuses: Arrest of Five Human Rights Activists

Five human rights activists were arrested in Zimbabwe on May 20 and 21, charged with a plot to subvert the government of sitting President Emmerson Mnangagwa.  The arrests were justified by the state-owned newspaper The Herald’s allegations that the group had links to the government’s main opposition body, the Movement […]

The Role Of Emigration in Nigeria’s Emerging Healthcare Crisis

The increasing migration trend among Nigerian medical professionals has seen alarming consequences for the region’s healthcare sector. Over 60% of registered Nigerian doctors have been found to practice abroad. This has resulted in a reported ratio of one doctor per 5,000 people in the country – a statistic deemed grossly […]